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ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury Garden Lodge Tapes 03-Dec-111
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Live at Stadio Braglia, Modena, 29/06/1993 DVD! 24-Nov-111
Announce: 13.02.1981 Tokyo- Need Your Loving Tonight (Tarantura) megaupload 19-Nov-111
ANNOUNCE - Queen & Adam Lambert - MTV EMA 2011 - DVD 07-Nov-111
Announce:1977-Special for Italy (Roger interview in Rome, videos and live) 30-Oct-111
22.12.1992 - The Marquee Club, London, UK (Smile Reunion) DVD 21-Oct-111
ULTRA-MEGA RARE BOX: Brian May - Another World Tour in Russia 1998 14-Oct-111
RARE PRO-SHOT DVD: Brian May - 06/07.11.1998 - St Petersburg+Moscow, Russia 13-Oct-111
RARE PRO-SHOT DVD: Brian May - 06/07.11.1998 - St Petersburg+Moscow, Russia 13-Oct-111
The show (german TV-Special) + The Portrait 08-Oct-111
Announce: DVD LiveAid !Rockin' All Over The World (Complete BBC4 Doc. 2010) 08-Jul-111
Announce: Live Aid documentary 05-Jul-111
Announce: Queen, Munich, Olympiahalle, December 18, 1980 20-Jun-111
Queen - Days Of Our Lives Episode 1 29-May-111
NEW TORRENT: DVD PAL Brian May - Zeleste Club, Barcelona, Spain 1993 03-May-111
Announce: FLAC Brian May Live in Paris 13.07.1993 25-Mar-111
Announce: DVD Brian May Live in Santiago De Chile 03.11.1992 24-Mar-111
Announce: VCD The Cross (+ Brian + John) Live in London 04-12-1988 23-Mar-111
ANNOUNCE: The Miracle Game (stark remaster) 13-Mar-111
Announce: Torrent 2002-04-30 - Amsterdam DVD (upgrade) 07-Mar-111
Brian May - Master VHS transfer 06-Mar-111
Brian May - VH1 Special (DVD) New Source 04-Mar-111
Announce: 2-DVD Queen Live in Manchester 16.07.1986 02-Mar-111
Announce: FLAC Bon Jovi + Brian May Live at Wembley Arena 12-12-1988 02-Mar-111
Announce: FLAC The Cross Live in Geneva 01.04.1990 01-Mar-111
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Stormtroopers in Stilettos videos by Leo Pelz (Leo'82 BR) 28-Feb-111
Announce: FLAC Brian May Live in Hiroshima 07.11.1993 27-Feb-111
Announce: FLAC The Cross Live in London 21.12.1992 26-Feb-111
ANNOUNCE: Brian May, Le Reservoir, Paris - June 9, 1998 25-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Tokyo 13.11.1993 23-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Munich 20.11.1993 23-Feb-111
Announce: FLAC Roger Taylor live in Wolverhampton 04.12.1994 19-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Gijon 15.09.1998 14-Feb-111
Announce DVD Brian May live in Stuttgart 07.10.1998 14-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Nottingham 24.10.1998 13-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Paris 09.06.1998 13-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Paris 22.09.1998 13-Feb-111
Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Stockholm 28.09.1998 13-Feb-111
Announce as torrent - Munich 1979 DVD 10-Feb-111
ANNOUNCE - "UPGRADE" - Prince's Trust Rock Gala - 17th November 2010 03-Jan-111
ANNOUNCE-Queen-Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010 DVD 31-Dec-101
Announce as torrent : Paris 28 February 1979 5 source merge 12-Dec-101
Two videos from the "Gluttons for Punnishment " tour 21-Nov-101
Reseed - 1976-09-18 - Hyde Park Great Quality 18-Nov-101
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury-Live At The Dominion Theatre (4/14/1988) 10-Nov-101
ANNOUNCE : OXFORD november 20 1973 (acetate version!) 21-Oct-101
announce ROTTERDAM AHOY april 19th. 1978 (upgrade) 21-Oct-101
ANNOUNCE: 1986.07.05 Slane, Castle - Irish Magic Castle (audio + video) 06-Oct-102
Queen+ PR Milwaukee 27.03.2006 Flac 19-Sep-101
Queen live in Argentina 1981-03-01 DVD (dime) 15-Aug-101
Live Argentina 81 Dime torrent link 12-Aug-101
Queen live in vienna 86 again 10-Aug-101
Announce as torrent : BBC Session 4 30-May-101
Birmingham 09-01-1984 GAGA 2cd 13-May-101
ANNOUNCE Q+PR 2005-04-30 Stockholm Video (Torrent + Rapidshare) 09-May-101
ANNOUNCE: Queen, 12/06/2003, Songwriter's Hall of Fame, New York, USA 25-Apr-101
Announce on QZ tracker : Vienna Magic 21 July 1986 DVD 21-Mar-101
Reseed - Queen in Argentina - 2 DVD 25th Anniversary set 27-Feb-101
ANNOUNCE: The Cross, 01/04/1990, Geneva. Pro-shot DVD 26-Feb-101
Announce as torrent : Rome 4 April 2005 DVD filmed from the arena 13-Feb-101
Brian May - Cologne 05.10.1998 CD1 24-Jan-101
Brian May - Cologne 05.10.1998 CD1 24-Jan-101
1975-12-24 Hammersmith Odeon DVD "pittrek edition 2009" 22-Dec-091
ANNOUNCE: Brian May Montevideo 5/11/1992 18-Dec-091
ANNOUNCE: Queen Hammersmith BBC 2009 28-Nov-091
Announce: Rome 2008-09-26,Italy FLAC. 13-Nov-091
Announce - Vancouver 11 March 1977 torrent FLAC 30-Oct-091
Announce - FLAC Buenos Aires 01.03.1981 - Live Broadcast Remaster 24-Oct-091
Announce : Oakland 16 December 1978 FLAC 17-Oct-092
Announce as torrent : Rome 4 April 2005 DVD (filmed from the balcony) 11-Oct-091
Boston 76 - audio DVD (96kHz stereo, correct speed) 11-Oct-091
Announce : Brussels 10 December 1974 FLAC torrent 10-Oct-091
ANNOUNCE: Wembley Arena, London, UK, 1980-12-09 (JuMeteor remaster) 09-Oct-091
ANNOUNCE: Gibson's Night Of 100 Guitars DVD 02-Oct-091
Announce as torrent : Worcester 10 March 2006 19-Sep-091
Announce: 27 june 1993 - Brian May Band in Budapest 18-Sep-091
Announce: 25 June 1993 - Brian May Band in Frankfurt 10-Sep-091
TORRENT 1974-05-04-waterbury-palace-theatre-usa-flac 09-Sep-091
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Rockumentary DVD 08-Sep-091
A NIGHT AT THE NAGOYA 1976.03.23 Nagoya (Flac, TORRENT) 06-Sep-091
Announce; 16 June 1993 - Brian May Band in Hammersmith Odeon 03-Sep-091
Announce: 5 march 1993 Brian May Band in Baltimore (mpg) 01-Sep-091
Announce: 22 june 1993 - Brian May Band in Karlsruhe 01-Sep-091
ANNOUNCE:Boston Music Hall 1976.speed corrected 16-Aug-093
Announce: 20 march 1999 - Roger Taylor in Manchester 22-Jul-091
Luciano Pavarotti & Friends - Modena - 2003 21-Jul-091
Announce: Brian May 13.10.1998 - Linz, Austria FLAC 17-Jul-091
Announce as torrent: Brussels 24 August 1984 - Alternative source, master 11-Jul-091
ANNOUNCE:2008.11.29 - Rio,HSBC Arena. Brazil 06-Jul-091
Announce on QZ tracker : Seattle 13 March 1977 from JEMS master 28-Jun-091
Re-Upload - Live Killers - All Four DVDs 28-Jun-091
ANNOUNCE : "ULTIMATE DREAMER" - 19th & 20th April Osaka, Japan 25-Jun-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: BM-Band 1998-10-19 Zurich (Thanks to AP-Racer from Queenhub) 22-Jun-091
ANNOUNCE: Queen Sun City 1984 FLAC - pitch corrected and tracks splitted 20-Jun-091
Announce as torrent : Caracas 27 September 1981 Snow Producciones DVD 19-Jun-091
Announce : San Jose 2006-04-05 (Reseed) 16-Jun-091
ANNOUNCE: The Brian May Band Eastern Horizon (04-11-93) 12-Jun-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1981 Tour Mega Torrent 20-May-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1982 Hotspace Tour Mega Torrent 14-May-092
Brian May - Hartford 1993 (VHS) Rip 09-May-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-11-11; Tokyo 28-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE : The Brian May Band - 08 November Osaka - Since You Been Gone 25-Apr-092
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER 24-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-11-10; Tokyo 22-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-11-03; Glasgow 22-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-10-31; Manchester 22-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-10-30; Newcastle 22-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE Queen Flac 28.08.1984, Dublin, Ireland. 21-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE: Queen Zurich November 23, 1980 (low gen) 20-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1993-11-05; Tokyo 18-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE:1985-01-19; Rio De Janeiro (flac) 16-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE: Brian May Band 1993.10.14 St Paul, MN - MASTER - Rapidshare 16-Apr-091
Queen-Houston Rock 12.11.1977 DVD-with decompressed MONO audio 05-Apr-091
ANNOUNCE: Final Budokan Nights discs 2 and 3 torrent 22-Mar-091
Announce: Definitive Houston '77 DVD 04-Mar-091
Announce : Uniondale 19 November 1978 FLAC 01-Mar-092
Re-announce - Paris 25 November 1980 FLAC 19-Feb-091
Announce as torrent : Moscow 16 September 2008 FLAC 30-Jan-091
1986-07-11 WEMBLEY,LONDON upgrade 29-Jan-091
ANNOUNCE: QPR Buenos Aires Multicam Audience DVD Disc 1 22-Jan-091
ANNOUNCE: QPR Buenos Aires Multicam Audience DVD Disc 2 16-Jan-091
Announce : Newcastle 3 December 1979 FLAC (torrent) 10-Jan-091
Announce: (1981-09-27) Live in Caracas FLAC 08-Jan-091
Announce: (1981-09-27) Live in Caracas FLAC 08-Jan-091
ANNOUNCE:Queen Live For The People Of Kampuchea DVD 27-Dec-081
TORRENT: Earls Court 77 - pittrek remastered edition 21-Dec-081
Announce:Live in New York 1978-11-17 complete 2 source mix FLAC 29-Nov-081
Queen - Savage Young Mercury 1974.04.21 21-Nov-081
ANNOUNCE: 21 January 1981 Hammersmith Odeon. Black Sabbath with Brian May 15-Nov-081
Re-Announce : Seattle April 10 2006 FLAC 11-Nov-081
No Subject 10-Nov-081
Announce: Queen Glasgow 16 December 1975 FLAC 25-Oct-082
14.06.1986 - France, Paris - DVD 24-Oct-081
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Live in Mannheim, Germany - Oct 2, 2008 05-Oct-081
Queen - 1986-04-26 - Entertainments Centre, Sydney, Australia (DVD master) 18-Sep-081
Announce Coventry 16 November 1975 FLAC 02-Sep-081
ANNOUNCE Hammersmith 79 DVD - 2 songs ex quality 27-Aug-081
Announce on QZ Tracker : New Orleans 21 April 1974 FLAC 31-Jul-081
Announce on QZ Tracker : Osaka 15 May 1985 FLAC 30-Jul-081
Announce on QZ tracker : Sendai 2nd gen 2 April 1976 FLAC 29-Jul-081
Live in Paris 79 DVD by snowproducciones 09-Jul-081
Feb.04.1979 (Announce : ZurBETTER QUALITY) 26-Jun-081
ANNOUNCE: Tokyo 1979-04-25 DVD 11-Jun-081
Announce - New York 29 September 1980 FLAC (torrent) 31-May-081
Queen - Feb.04-1979 - Z├╝rich, Switzerland 29-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Queen in London, UK (Dec.09-1980) 28-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Queen in London, UK (Dec.10-1980) 27-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Queen Manchester 1974 (FLAC) 26-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Queen Manchester 1974 (FLAC) 26-May-081
Torrent announce: Queen - Son & daughter (march '74), from swedish tv 25-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Portland 2006 FLAC torrent 21-May-081
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith 1975 DVD orig. broadcast mixed with the stereo rebr. 22-Apr-081
Queen - Live In Himeji 24-03-76 FLAC 16-Apr-081
ANNOUNCE:Queen - Live In Z?rich (04-02-1979) FLAC 27-Mar-082
ANNOUNCE: Queen Mannheim 21. Juni 1986 ***FM-1.GEN*** 13-Mar-081
Announce: DVD/Video--Queen Slane Castle, County Meath, Ireland 1986. 14-Feb-081
ANNOUNCE: Shizuoka 1975 - stark remaster 14-Feb-081
Announced as torrent: Wembley Arena 08-12-80 (Flash Alive LP) 01-Feb-081
Announce:Q+PR Saitama 2005.10.26.FLAC.torrent 28-Jan-081
ANNOUNCE as torrent: Back To The May & Powell Live At Rio 1992 FLAC 28-Jan-081
Announce as torrent - Montreal 1 December 1978 FLAC 18-Jan-081
Announce : Portland (28.04.74) upgrade - from Master Tape in FLAC - torrent 08-Jan-081
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Live In Buenos Aires (08-March-1981) Complete FLAC 02-Jan-081
Hammersmith tread 19-Dec-071
Announce on QZ Tracker : Firenze 7 April 2005 FLAC 18-Dec-071
Announce on QZ Tracker - Philadelphia 14 March 2006 16-Dec-071
Announce on QZ Tracker - Pesaro 8 April 2005 FLAC 14-Dec-071
ANNOUNCE:Live at St. Paul 80 DVD-Torrent 13-Dec-071
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Live In Leiden (11-June-1986) Complete FLAC 08-Dec-071
Announce : Born To Love You - Queen+Paul Rodgers, Fukuoka 03/Nov/2005 FLAC 01-Dec-071
ANNOUNCE: Music Box Muenchen 1979 DVD 17-Nov-071
ANNOUNCE: Brian May in Chile 92 DVD - torrent 08-Nov-071
ANNOUNCE - New York City, MSG 11-17-78 (Better Source) 17-Oct-071
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Live in MOSCOW 1998 (DVD) 02-Oct-071
Queen / Live in Kove - Kobe April 23 1975 FLAC 16-Sep-071
ANNOUNCE: Young Nobles Of Rock - May 1st 1975 (stark remaster) 05-Sep-072
Announce as torrent : Kobe 23 April 1975 FLAC 02-Sep-071
ANNOUNCE: 09-07-1986 Newcastle TV Report DVD 15-Aug-071
ANNOUNCE: S05E21 Canadian Idol - August 7th 2007 Top 7 Night Results Show 08-Aug-071
Re-Announce - Buffalo 17 March 2006 FLAC 28-Jul-071
ANNOUNCE: Sao Paulo 1981 DVD 25-Jul-071
ANNOUNCE: We Will Rock You Aftershow Party 2002 DVD 19-Jul-071
Announce as torrent : Hammersmith 24 December 1975 DVD 11-Jul-071
Announce: Queen on Saturday Night Live DVD - new torrent 08-Jul-071
ANNOUNCE: Houston 1977 DVD 02-Jul-071
RE-ANNOUNCE: DVD Live at Vienna 21-07-1986 26-Jun-071
Announce: Brussels 24 August 1984 FLAC 26-May-071
Announce on QZ Tracker : Tokyo 4 April 1976 FLAC 16-May-071
RE-ANNOUNCE: Queen at Morumbi Stadium 03/20/1981 FLAC with interviews 11-Apr-071
RE-ANNOUCE: Queen at Morumbi Stadium 03/20/1981 FLAC with interviews 11-Apr-071
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Thank You All (09-08-86) flac torrent 10-Apr-071
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Madrid - August 3rd, 1986 - FLAC 05-Mar-071
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Madrid - August 3rd, 1986 - FLAC 05-Mar-071
ANNOUNCE: Sendai 2 April 1976 FLAC 11-Feb-071
Announce:Queen Live In Edinburgh 06-01-82 Torrent 24-Jan-071
ANNOUNCE: Golders Green 1973 remaster 12-Jan-071
Queen Royal American tour 1975 04-Jan-071
ANNOUNCE: Nagoya 1982 remaster 13-Dec-061
Announce : Glasgow 1 December 1979 FLAC Torrent 03-Dec-061
Announce: Queen Live At MSG 11.16.1978 FLAC 03-Dec-061
ANNOUNCE Cologne 6 December 1974 FLAC 03-Dec-061
ANNOUNCE: Freddies last Apperence 1991 17-Nov-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen and Budapest - How We Won the East (Video Doku by DoRo) 15-Nov-061
roger taylor live in cesena 15-Nov-061
Announce: Queen Live Newcastle 12.4.79 FLAC 12-Nov-061
Announce : Stockholm 2005 FLAC torrent 30-Oct-062
1980.09.19 Rosemont - master 08-Oct-061
1980.09.19 Rosemont - master 08-Oct-061
1980.09.19 Rosemont - master 08-Oct-061
No Subject 28-Jun-061
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - TMLWKY (German TV) Video 01-Jun-061
Queen - Live In Himeji 24-03-76 FLAC 19-May-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Die Show (Kabel1 GermanTV - May,15th 2006) TORRENT 16-May-061
Queen in Sydney 1985 DVD 09-May-061
Queen in Sydney 1985 DVD 09-May-061
Queen in Sydney 1985 DVD 08-May-061
Queen in Sydney 1985 DVD 08-May-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen film 1984 03-May-062
ANNOUNCE Yokohama 30 October 2005 FLAC 23-Apr-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen film 1984 23-Apr-062
Hammersmith 1979 DVD Kampuchea Show 14-Apr-061
Re-ANNOUNCE - DALLAS Oct 28 1978 FLAC 13-Apr-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen, London 12.10.1980 - FLAC 09-Apr-061
ANNOUNCE: Queen Legends VH1 1998 06-Apr-061
ANNOUNCE: QPR Philadelphia March 14th 2006 DVD 03-Apr-061
ANNOUNCE Buffalo 17 March 2006 on QZ Tracker 21-Mar-061
ANNOUNCE: dimeadozen buffalo, new york march 17th 2006 20-Mar-061
ANNOUNCE: The Cross Live In Dusseldorf (torrent + Rapidshare) 10-Mar-061
ANNOUNCE: Rotterdam 1979 Video 26-Feb-061
ANNOUNCE: 23 unsorted Queen Demos (MP3) 06-Feb-061
Announce: Queen Done Under Pressure 1986 FLAC 29-Jan-061
RE-ANNOUNCE: Live Mar del Plata 04-03-1981 26-Jan-061
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Another World VH1 - DVD (Reseed) 10-Jan-061
Total crap quality...but what the heck Earl's Court 6-7-77 R n' R Medley 18-Dec-051
announce-queen tabs for guitar 22-Nov-051
ANNOUNCE: Various 70s Queen Videos 19-Nov-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Edinburgh 1976 17-Sep-051
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury A Tribute Presented By Elton John 03-Sep-051
ANNOUNCE: Los Angeles 82 03-Sep-051
ANNOUNCE: Los Angeles 82 03-Sep-051
ANNOUNCE: Don't Stop Me Now Documentary 01-Sep-051
Brian May. Barcelona 17-09-1998. Part 2 26-Aug-051
Brian May. Barcelona 17-09-1998. Part 2 25-Aug-051
Brian May. Barcelona 17-09-1998. Part 1 23-Aug-051
Brian May Hamburg 3-10-98 128kbps torrent 22-Aug-051
Crazy Little Thing - Performance 16-Aug-051
Seven Seas of Rhye (Top Of The Pops) - Reseed 16-Aug-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen on Saturday Night Live 1982 (DVD) 11-Aug-051
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury @ 4 Gegen Willi Gernan TV 11-Aug-051
ANNOUNCE: Kenny Everett and Freddie Mercury Documentary 10-Aug-051
ANNOUNCE: Rock Therapy: Reaching Out (TOTP) Video 09-Aug-051
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Video Live in Milan Part I 30-Jun-051
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Video Live in Milan Part II 29-Jun-051
ANNOUNCE - Brian + Roger ITV Interview Nov/Dec 1991 24-Jun-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Philadelphia 20.11.1978 - FLAC...revisited 14-Jun-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Philadelphia 20.11.1978 - FLAC 09-Jun-051
ANNOUNCE:Q+PR - Rome - 04.04.2005 - wma 06-Jun-051
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) 31-May-051
Announce: Le Zenith, Paris March 30 2005, FLAC 29-May-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Milwaukee 07.03.1975 - FLAC 26-May-051
ANNOUNCE - Is This The Real Life (Channel 4 Documentary) 16-Apr-051
ANNOUNCE - Is This The Real Life (Channel 4 Documentary) 16-Apr-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen + PR, Basel, 10. April 2005 13-Apr-051
ANNOUNCE !! QUEEN + Paul Rodgers Sat 2nd April Spain, Barcelona, fixed!! 13-Apr-051
Queen + Paul Rodgers 1 April 2005 Madrid - FLAC Lossless 07-Apr-051
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Nagoya 1982 - LOSSLESS FLAC 03-Dec-041
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Paris 18th Sep 1984 "Paris Ga Ga" 15-Sep-041
ANNOUNCE: Queen Manchester Free Trade Hall 1975 18-Aug-041
complete rare demo and studio live 06-Aug-041
ANNOUNCE: Queen Osaka 1985 01-Aug-041
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Royal American Tour 1975 31-Jul-041