Freddie & Me - by Mike Dawson. A new comic book

Source: Fan review May 20th, 2008

Submitted by: YourValentine

Do you have memories from your childhood or teenage years which are forever linked to Queen music in your mind? Do you remember the passion you felt up to a point that you tried to convert your friends to Queen? Do you remember hours and hours of playing Queen music wearing down cassette tapes and vinyl records with your friends and do you remember fighting with your siblings about whose favourite band is the best and worthiest? Do you like intelligent comic books? If you answer some of these questions with "yes", the new book "Freddie & Me" by Mike Dawson may be an enjoyable reading experience for you.


"When I think of Queen I can remember my whole life" says Michael, the hero of this autobiographical comic book. His life is as unspectacular as it gets: born 1975 he grows up in Scotland with his little sister – who is a Wham! fan – and his big brother (a Punk) and moves to the Unites States with his family at the age of eleven  just missing the 1986 Queen tour which he begs his mom to take him to but she refuses (there was no Milton Keynes Concert in 1986, Mr. Dawson, any truly "obsessive" Queen fan can tell you that!). Queen and George Michael (Wham) are the sound track of his childhood and adolescence and his daydreams about meeting the band are almost as real as his pain when Freddie dies and when he fails to get tickets for Brian May's 1993 solo tour.


Compared to many Queen fans Michael is not obsessed at all – there is no stalking, no rooms full of posters and records and no Queen tattoo but there is fondness and affection and memories triggered by Queen music and very funny incidents. While the music stays the same, things in Michael's life change: "I press play and the same music…comes out every time but the thoughts that arise in my mind are what start to differ" – a situation many fans can relate to.


One of his daydreams is that Brian May calls Mike to tell him he likes the book and in the end we really hope he might pick up the phone – because it's such a likeable book.


Mike Dawson: Freddie & Me, published June 5th, 2008 by Jonathan Cape, 14,99 GBP Hardback)