Freddie Mercury: Chart of a Champion

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Submitted by: Richard Orchard

This is Freddie Mercury with Queen at Live Aid on July 13, 1985— 23 years ago today. If you enjoyed this, be sure to go to YouTube and watch the full 20 minutes of Queen’s phenomenal Live Aid performance. It is full-on, non-stop, rock-star energy.

Guess his Sun sign… what’s your guess? Strutting across the stage like that, rocking the house with that raw, male power…

Such drama and bravado!

Such presence!

Go on, take a guess…

 Did you guess Virgo? According to Wikipedia, Freddie Mercury was born September 5, 1946 in Tanzania. I don’t have any info on his time of birth. (If you do, please leave me a comment.)

Surprised? So was I! (That’s why I never play the “guess my sign” game.)

So where’s the spotlight-shunning Virgo?

From Wikipedia: “Although he cultivated a very flamboyant stage personality, several sources refer to Mercury as having been very shy in person. He also granted very few interviews. Mercury once said of himself: ‘When I’m performing I’m an extrovert, yet inside I’m a completely different man.’”

You can really see it if you watch the interview with Queen on YouTube. It’s part of the Live Aid broadcast. Freddie Mercury seems ill at ease on camera and lets the other band members do most of the talking.

And this is interesting:
“A journalist from Times Online compared him to Michael Jackson [another Virgo]: ‘He wanted to pass as a white European rock’n’roll star. Curiously, people are horrified that Michael Jackson should be in such denial of his ethnic origins and yet don’t mind Mercury doing the same thing.’”

It’s an interesting comparison. I must say I believe Freddie Mercury’s private life was nowhere near as sketchy as MJ’s. But he was private or even secretive about certain things— his ethnicity (he was Indian), his sexuality (he was openly gay but would distance himself from his partner in public), and, at the end of his life, his health. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, but did not go public with it until the day before his death in 1991.

Virgos are often accused of perfectionism. They tend to become absolute masters of their chosen crafts. But they are… well… kind of inscrutable about some things. I love and admire the Virgos in my life dearly. I love their outlook on life, their loyalty and commitment to those they love, their dedication to getting the job done well. But every one of them seems to have their own reasons for doing things that I don’t “get.” Every one of them is quirky in some way. And so was Freddie Mercury.

So where do you find this magnetism and dynamic stage presence in his chart? But I think it’s the Mars-Jupiter-Venus stellium in graceful Libra. Notice how he moves like a dancer on stage— that’s Libra. Mars-Jupiter has a natural buoyancy, athletic ability and sparkling sexuality that carries strength and optimism. Mars-Jupiter is the champion. It’s charismatic and endearing, as well as over-the-top and excessive at times. Mars-Jupiter does things on a large scale. Add a very powerful Venus in her home sign Libra to the picture, and you have a massive talent and very likable personality.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is part of this Libra stellium too. I tend to think of Chiron as a quieter, more emotional version of Saturn, who urges us to feel things deeply and grow from our wounded places. Chiron transcended his pain by helping others. And I think Freddie Mercury transcended the disappointment and pain in his life by channeling the emotion into his art, and by rocking the house with these powerful pieces about pain and despair and hope and triumph.