Freddie satanist

Source: Romanian press 5th of June

Submitted by: bugea

Gigi Becali, the owner of Romanian football club Steaua Bucharest, have launched a very dirty attack on Freddie Mercury and the gay community. In a press conference on 5th of June, he commented on the hooligans that have brought o lot of bans and fines for his club: "I will put only religious music in my stadium. This is what I like and I am the one who pays. You will not hear in Steaua Stadium "We will destroy you" or whatever this song is called (We will rock you) anymore, you will not hear that crazy gay Mercury. Why should I put this song before the games? The players may hurt each other and I don't want that. I want music of peace and friendship. Who wants satanic music is not welcomed in my stadium. This is the devil's music. I don't like the gays and I don't want them in my stadium. Mercury is their friend and I hope when they heard what I'm saying, they will not come anymore to Steaua."

Now a few explanations. Gigi Becali is also leading The New Generation Party, a ultranationalist party and have candidated for the presidency in Romania in 2004. He is an eccentric billionaire, very rude and religious, he built a lot of churches in Romania and donnated millions to poor people. About 10% of Romanian people idolise him, especially the poor from the countryside, so he said what they want to hear. He bought a part of the press here and appears almost everyday in newspapers and on television saying hilarious thing like that. Most of the newspapers related this on 6th of June just as he said, but a few of them commented that Becali doesn't really know who Freddie Mercury was and what sensational music he made in three decades, saying that a dirty and stoopid thing like Becali said shouldn't get any attention. I agree with that and I had thought about three days if I should write to you about it. As a lot of Queen fans here in Romania (Queen is very loved here) were scandalised by these afirmations made by an idiot, I decided to let you know and I hope that you will give him a "great welcome" if Steaua will play in England in European competitions this year.