Hackers download Mercury songs

Source: Ananova unsure

Submitted by: Richard Orchard


Record company bosses had to step up security on their websites after fans were able to hack into unreleased Freddie Mercury tracks and place them on the internet for free.

Some of the songs - taken from a forthcoming box set - had been placed on an official site for fans to hear, but whizzkids were able to get access to 27 of the tracks and offered them as downloads.

After learning of the scam, staff at EMI worked for hours to move the remaining tracks to a safer site. The songs were part of a 128-song box set called Freddie Mercury: The Solo Collection to be released late next month.

Fans themselves tipped off the record label to the song leak after news of the material appeared on Queen websites around the world.

"It says much for the legion of fans that they alerted us to this internet bootlegging," said an EMI spokesman.