I want to be the new king of Queen, Says Robbie

Source: Daily Express December 28, 2000

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has revealed his secret ambition to join pop group Queen as a replacement for the late Freddie Mercury.

The former Take That singer told radio listeners "Do you know what I would really like to do? To front Queen. I should do, shouldn't I?"

Queen guitarist Brian May is enthusiastic about the plan. "He told me, 'That's a fantastic idea,'" said the group's manager Jim Beach. "So if Robbie is serious about it then we'd be glad to talk to him. Brian is a great fan of his."

Sources say 26-year-old Robbie is unlikely to jeopardise his successful solo career by joining another band, no matter how famous, on a permanent basis.

His new album, Sing When Your're Winning, out today, has had a mixed reception from the critics, but there is little doubt it will be A best seller.

Queen, meanwhile, recently joined forces with boy band Five to record a chart topping version of 'We Will Rock You'. This was a carefully calculated move to introduce the veteran band to a much younger generation.

Although it is unlikely Robbie would record an album with Queen or tour with them, a collaboration would prove extremely lucrative.

Peter Freestone, Mercury's best friend and valet, says he can easily see Robbie working with the band. "I heard 'Millenium' on the radio the other day and I really liked the sound of his voice. I genuinely thought he'd do well working with Queen", he said. "He's a showman in the Freddie vein".