In Memory Of Mercury

Source: The West Magazine May 1994

Submitted by: Richard Orchard


The West Magazine

Queen drummer Roger Taylor this week launches his latest solo album which includes a song blasting newspaper proprietor Rupert Murdoch.
Taylor is still seething with anger after The Sun published pictures of Queen singer Freddie Mercury when he was dying from AIDS.

In the song "Dear Mr Murdoch", Taylor hits back. It was prompted originally by "a full page photo shot with a tele-photo lens that they published of Freddie when he was very ill, when he was trying desperately to lead some type of private life" Taylor said.

"I thought it was a gross intrusion on my friends privacy . I felt outraged the was his house was surrounded by these vultures when he was basically trying to die in peace."

The album called "Happiness?" has 12 songs.

Taylor said of the album, which he wrote, recorded and produced in England: "A couple of these songs were written because I was angry about a particular subject"