Nazis 1994

Source: The West Magazine May 1994

Submitted by: Richard Orchard


Who said 90's rock was all thrash and trash? Queen drummer Roger Taylor is so sickened by the rise of far right political loopies that he has raised his voice in protest, with the song 'Nazi 1994'. Said Taylor: "Queen was always very apolitical. Though some of our songs have ben taken up as political anthems, I am not a politician, I am just interested in bringing this subject to peoples' attention".
His anti-nazi feelings were hightened when he toured Germany and was horrified to see neo-nazis standing outside the old concentration camp at Dachau saying the Holocaust never happened. Taylor reckons his song is a natural reaction to the banility of pop today and be doesn't mind beating his own drum about it. "Nothing is wrong with a bit of froth, but it is important to write about things that matter."