Queen of the Orient

Source: Record Mirror May 24, 1975

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

- Ray Fox-Cumming talks to Roger Meddows Taylor

=A few months ago Queen were the band everyone was talking about and the only reason why their name hasn't been on everyone's lips just recently is that they've been away on a world tour and thus let the Rollers take over as most talked about group. In Japan, however at this very minute, Queen are THE biggest.  Big deal, you may say, what's with Japan?  But don't forget Japan is the second largest record market in the world.  Furthermore, a concert ticket in Japan costs around £4.50 to £5 and Queen were selling out 11,000 seater halls all over [the country where] there was the fan mania.

Queen's drummer Roger Meddows Taylor, "there were thousands of fans to greet us *literally* thousands  And at one gig we had between four and five hundred security men"

Were they all necessary?

"Yes, I'm afraid they were.  As it was a number of fans had to be carried out unconscious and many more were nearly crushed."

Were you frightened?

"No, not frightened, but we were a little alarmed.  We hadn't expected anything like it.  Nevertheless, Japan was definitely the highlight of the whole tour.  The Japanese are so good at organising things.

How about the earlier American leg of the tour?

"That was great, too.  We were fairly confident from what we'd heard that we would go down alright in the east and mid-west, but we were warned not to expect too much in the south and far west, but the show in San Francisco, for instance, was fantastic."

The American part of the tour was interrupted by illness, which has also halted things in the more distant past.

"Ah yes," says Roger, "I think people were saying to themselves 'there go those weeds dropping out again', but I don't think they realise just how gruelling touring can be.  Actually we're all pretty tough and everyone's all right now.

"Apart from Brian's illness, Freddie was having terrible trouble in the States with his throat.  He had nodes and the doctors wanted him to stop work for a month and get them operated on.  He ignored them though and  managed to get through it without resorting to surgery."

Having been away so long Queen should now be coming up with a new single and album, but, explains Roger, that can't happen for a while. We shall be starting to record the next album around mid-June, but we won't be able to finish it all in one go, because we have got to go back to America."

Why, surely the album's more important?

"Well, the trouble is that we spent an awful lot of money on the last

American tour and now we've been offered a good deal to go back and tour for about a month in August.  We really must do it to replenish our funds.  We simply can't afford not to, so the al