Roger Taylor Interview 1

Source: Las Vegas 1998 (?)

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

Roger Taylor Interview - Las Vegas

special thanks to Ming

This telephone interview took place live on 96.3 KKLZ FM, in Las Vegas, on December 16th. It was on the Johnson & Tofte Show, KKLZ's weekday morning show, with Ken Johnson and Jim Tofte. Dennis Mitchell was also in attendance, and all three are asking the questions.

RT - Roger Taylor
KJ - Ken Johnson
JT - Jim Tofte
DM - Dennis Mitchell

JT: Roger Taylor from Queen, why the new song, "No-One But You"?
RT: Um, Brian wrote the song, sent it to me, ahh, a few months ago. I lost it, found it again, and I played it, and just thought, 'it sounds like a Queen song', and I know Brian wanted me to play on it, I think for his solo album, and I thought, boy, did we need John here. And so we eventually got together, and it was like the old chemistry just came back, and it just felt great to be playing together again. It just clicked in, just like a, just like a... click.

KJ: It is very much a Queen song - who is it singing?

RT: Well, Brian sings the first verse, and the first chorus, I sing the second verse, and then after that it's all a mixture.

DM: That's a very nice touch.

KJ: A lot of people forget, you know, how good all of you guys sing. Freddie was so dominant in that area, but your harmonies were impeccable.

RT: Well, thanks a lot, you're very kind. Yeah, Freddie was such an amazing front man, and we were always so proud of him. Um, but in fact it was true that we, that there was a lot of vocalizing from, mainly the three of us. John was very much in the background with that, but, um, yeah, we were always quite proud of our vocalizing. But obviously, when you've got a guy like Freddie, you let him take most of the, um, most of the front stuff.

DM: Did you guys go your separate ways after we lost Freddie, and then have no intention of getting back together again? What was the situation?

RT: Well, no, that's not really true. We had such a thing; it was like a, it's grew up into quite a monumental, I would say, organization, in a way. And I suppose it's a kind of business as well. It becomes your life - like a four-way marriage, and we thought, 'ok, it'll just die away' when Freddie died, and that would be the end of it, but it didn't. And the interest continued. So then we found ourselves obligated to sort of keep running the whole thing, even on a business level, which sounds boring, but I mean it just needs to be done, you know. And of course we've always remained friends - you can't be friends for that long, and then just split up.

DM: I don't know, ask the Eagles.

RT: Obviously, we're in touch on a regular basis, and that was why it was easy to get together again like that.

DM: There was never any desire to establish some non-Queen kind of identity in, you know, some sort of new band with a new sound? You're comfortable with the Queen identity?

RT: Yeah, I mean I think we're always very, we were very proud of what we did, whatever. You know we had a lot of critics - we had a lot of praises and a lot of critics. And Brian and I did our own solo stuff, and so did Freddie, and we were all very happy to do that, and express ourselves separately. But always we would come back to the, we call it 'The Mother Ship'. And it was good, you know, it was this wonderful feeling of security, at the center of all things. And in a very odd and strange way which we would never have guessed it to do, it remained.

KJ: Now, you have done a bunch of things with other vocalists guesting, and you have done things now, this song, No-One But You, with you guys singing. So are you guys gonna stay together a