The Bigger The Better (Freddie Interview)

Source: Unsure 1985

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

Freddie: I seem to write songs that I don't think about them at the time but they seem to sort of catch up on me if you know what I mean. So I guess without knowing it it's just sort of psychological. I think they just seem to be why... I think most people just write songs which are inside them. You know I'm not one of those that sort of practices the trends and say "OK, this is trendy today, let's write a song about that". In the end I think what actually comes out in me, and sometimes I don't even know I'm actually doing it and they sort of catch up on me afterwards. Most of the songs I write are all love ballads and things to do with sadness and torture and pain : at the same time it's frivolous and tongue in cheek. That's basically my whole nature, I guess.


Interviewer : What is your attitude to life ?


Freddie: I don't know. Actually I think in this point in time I think I'm just having a good time, to be honest. Before I was very serious and you know I sort of was caught up being successful and being a star and all that and I thought this is the way a star behaves of whatever. Now, I don't give a damn. I just want to do things my way, I want to have fun doing it. To me, I think if I sort of approach everything I do in that way I think it all comes out in the songs and the things I do. So basically I think I've learned to sort of calm down. I'm not as paranoid as I was before and I just hope I've been able to control a lot of things and I'm not afraid to speak out and say the things that I want to do, or do the things I want to do. So I think in the end being natural and being actually genuine is what wins, and I hope that comes out in my songs. I'm not worried about making mistakes I think I'm too old for that.


Interviewer : No, after making 80 million hit records...


Freddie: Have I, dear ?


Interviewer : Yes.


Freddie: Oh, OK.


Interviewer : You've had 80 million sold around the world with Queen. What makes you want to do something like this which is a very big risk for you, isn't it ? To stick your neck out there and stand up alone without other musicians ?


Freddie: That's the way I like to live. Yes, firstly if I didn't do this I don't have anything to do. You know, I can't cook, I'm not very good at being a housewife, it's just in my blood. I seem to have been doing this for so long that it's so in my blood, I don't know what else to do. I'd be very vulnerable and I wouldn't know what to do, so I think I just have to keep doing it. It's not having to keep doing it, of course. I've made a lot of money. I could live beautifully and wonderfully for the rest of my life but, the way I live is I have to be doing something every day. I want to earn my keep and I want to be doing something. I have a nervous energy that needs to be doing something. I can't relax in bed all day and just do nothing. I think it's a waste of time. I hardly read books. I think that is a waste of time. People are going to kill me for this. But it's just a nervous energy that I have and I just basically write music and I want to keep doing that, I have a lot of songs and I enjoy doing them, see, it's come to a stage where before I felt it was my work, it's still my work, now. I just feel it's something I enjoy doing, you know, it's very interesting. There are lots of challenges ahead and like you said earlier on, this is another step for me and a new challenge and I'm, you know, going to receive it with open arms.