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On September the 5th in Zanzibar, Jer and Bomi Bulsara have their first child, a son they call Farrokh (Freddie or Fredderick) . His father Bomi is a civil servant working as a high court cashier for the British government.

Of Persian extraction, Freddie is to have one sister, Kashmira, who is six years younger than he is. In the next year, the family move to India.



I was a very insecure young boy, probably because I was a bit sheltered.


July 19th 1947 and Brian is born at Glouster House Nursing Home to Harold and Ruth May. The family home is in Feltham, Middlesex. Harold May was an electronics engineer and worked at the Ministry of Aviation. He was a practical handyman as well as a competent musician

Freddie gets his first taste of fame by winning a local baby contest.


Roger Meddows-Taylor makes his first appearance at West Norfolk and Kings Lynn Hospital - to a standing ovation no doubt! His parents are Michael and Winifred. Michael was an inspector for the potato marketing board. Meddows was an old family name that had been passed down the generations of Taylor's.


August 19, and John Richard Deacon is born at St. Francis Private Hospital, son of Arthur and Lilian. Arthur works in insurance at Norwich Union is Leicester.


Due to his fathers work related travel, Freddie is sent to St Peter's English Boarding School near Bombay to give him some sort of stability. It is hear where he is given the name Freddie by friends - a name that he and his family were to adopt. It is here where Freddie's teachers noticed his aptitude for music and persuaded his parents to pay extra school fee's so that Freddie could learn the piano.

Brian starts school at Hanworth Road Primary, aged five.


Roger's sister Clare is born.


Harold May starts to teach Brian how to play the ukulele. Brian also begins to learn the piano. Brian shows great aptitude for the Ukulele and soon wants a guitar, and gets a Spanish Acoustic for his seventh birthday. He begins to teach himself how to play it.


Brian is showing interest in other musical instruments such as the Jew's Harp and the tin whistle. He also shows interest in astronomy and photography. His father was a keen photographer and would often involve Brian in his hobby.


John Deacon starts his education at Oadby Infants School. He later moves to Gartree High School.

By the age of nine, Brian had become a competent pianist having passed his Grade IV exams. After these exams though he stopped taking piano lessons. Instead he practised by himself on the upright piano he had at home.


Roger and his family move to Truro in Cornwall. Now aged eight he attends Cathedral school and becomes a member of the choir. After seeing his cousin play the guitar Roger decides that he wants one as well.


In September Brian wins a scholarship to Hampton Grammar School. This was keeping with family tradition as his father had also gone there - in years to come Brian's own son would also become a student. At this school Brian made lots of other friends who were also keen on music and they were always swapping ideas of how best to play the guitar.

Freddie is awarded the school trophy as Junior All-rounder.

John Deacon is given his first guitar on his eighth birthday - a red plastic Tommy special.


An eleven year old Roger enrols in Truro public school. Truro public school was academically the best in the area. Roger won a scholarship to go their, the only pupil from Cathedral to do so.


Roger's interest in the guitar had begun to wain a little and he had become increasingly interested in percussion. For Christmas he gets a drum kit....