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Last updated: March 04, 2009
Queen begin the year with a relaxing holiday in Teneriffe. On January 17th their next single "Now I'm Here" is released, and eventually reaches number 11. On the 18th John gets married to Veronica Tetzlaff.

They commence their first headline tour of the USA, with massive support from Elektra. Tickets are in such demand that matinee performances have to be scheduled at certain venues. Unfortunately Freddie is stricken with a throat problems and rest is ordered. Several shows are cancelled, however Freddie soon gets back into the swing of it and continues touring.

After the arduous US tour the band go on holiday to Hawaii, before heading of to Japan for their first tour there.

On 18th April Queen arrive at Tokyo airport for their first Japanese tour; they find the airport besieged by thousands of fans. The band are totally overwhelmed by 'Queen mania'. The band proceed to tour the country - selling out everywhere they go. The whole of Japan is caught up in Queen mania.

Whilst there, Freddie falls in love with the country and becomes (overnight) a fanatical collector of Japanese art and antiquities

When Queen arrive back in the UK they find themselves at the top of many 'readers polls' in music magazines. As well as this, Freddie is presented with an Ivor Novello award for "Killer Queen".

The band start work on their next album. A lot of time is spent experimenting to see what sounds they can create, and the best way to display their music. Freddie also finds time to produce a single for Eddie Howell. Freddie hadn't produced anybody else before and found the experience quite interesting. In the end Freddie sang backing vocals and played the piano. He also roped Brian into playing guitar. Not surprisingly the final product sounds very "Queenie"...

At long last Jim Beach had managed to negotiate Queen out of Trident. One sticking point was that there was a planned US later in the year. Unfortunately this was cancelled in order to resolve any internal problems. The group now signed their own deal with EMI and Elektra directly.


As far as Queen are concerned our old management is deceased. They cease to exist in any capacity with us whatsoever. One leaves them behind like one leaves excreta. We feel so relieved!

Queen were now left without a manager though, and instigate a search. They had a number of options. First was Led Zeppelins manager, Peter Grant, however he wanted the band to sign with Led Zeppelins own production company, Swan Songs, however this was unacceptable to the band. They also Peter Rudge but were unable to contact him. John Reid, Elton John's manager, was contacted. At first he was uncertain if he could manage another band, however his mind quickly changed when he heard the band was Queen.

John Reid set to work organising Queen's affairs. He assigned Pete Brown to be Queen's day to day manager and threw a huge party to celebrate his union with Queen. John also arranged for EMI Publishing to advance Queen one hundred thousand pounds so that Queen could finally settle their Trident arrangement.

Queen presented John with what they wanted to be their next single "Bohemian Rhapsody". Whilst he was in agreement that it was a nice tune, he was adamant that it couldn't be a single because of its length of nearly six minutes. He said no one would play it - the average length of a song then was 3 minutes. The band though were equally forthright in their opinions and convinced John of the merits of the song and the single was pressed.

Queen make their first video for "Bohemian Rhapsody". The video costs just 4,500 pounds but is still revolutionary. It is regarded as the first promotional film, as it was recorded on video tape rather than proper film.

On the 31st October Bohemian Rhapsody is released. It is the first UK Queen single to be given a picture cover. The song took Britain by storm, and on November 25th