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Last updated: March 04, 2009
Queen become THE rock pioneers of South America, undertaking the first ever major stadium tour of South America. They play five stadiums in eight days in Argentina and perform to the biggest ever paying audience for one band - 251,000 at Sao Paulo's Morumbi Stadium. Argentine fans show their appreciation by buying enough Queen product to ensure that each and every LP is listed in the top 10 during their tour.


It's a long time since we've experienced such warmth from a new audience. We feel really good about it now, as it our ambitions have been partly realised.


I was surprised we didn't get more criticism for playing South America. I didn't think we were being used as tools by political regimes, although obviously you have to co-operate with them. We were playing for the people. We weren't playing for the government.

On March 22nd Queen say goodbye to South America. Freddie flies back to the UK on Concord - anything as long as it is expensive! On the same day Roger's second solo single, "Future Management" is unleashed upon the world. The accompanying album, "Fun In Space", is released on April 6th, and reaches number 18 on the UK album chart.

From July to September Queen bury themselves in their Mountain Studio's to record their next album, "Hot Space". It just so happens that David Bowie is staying in Switzerland at the same time. He accepts an invitation from David Richards, the resident engineer, to come and visit the lads at work. A impromptu jam starts and they come up with a genesis for a song. They decide to work on it a bit, to see what they come up with and "Under Pressure" is born.

October sees Queen in the Appeal Court attempting to stop the publication of a book. The book claimed to be official, when the band had not given its permission to. Queen lose the case and vow never again to enter the courts under a similar situation.

Better news arrives on the 26th with the bands first Greatest Hits albums being released. It reaches number 1 in the UK and other territories. That year it becomes the second biggest selling album of the year in the UK, and later becomes the biggest selling album of that country, being certified eleven times platinum.

In November "Under Pressure" is released and goes straight to the number one spot in England. Queen dominate the Album and Singles charts. Greatest Flix, a compilation of all the bands videos to date, is also number one on the video chart.

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