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Last updated: March 04, 2009
The year starts with Queen working on their next album, that would include the songs for the film 'Highlander'. As individuals they still find time to dedicate time to their own projects. Freddie finds time to Billy Squiers album among other things, John works on some tracks with Hot Chocolates lead singer Errol Brown. Roger in the meantime produces an album for the rock band Magnum.

The Queen album is finally finished and the final decisions have to be made as to what singles they should release from it. In this instance the Capitol and EMI decide to release different singles. EMI go with 'A Kind Of Magic' and Capitol go with 'Princes Of The Universe'. Both of the videos are directed by Russell Mulchay.

Whilst 'A Kind Of Magic', written by Roger does extremely well, reaching number 3 in the UK and being the top of the charts in 35 other countries, 'Princes Of The Universe' goes barley unnoticed in the US.

Queen then release the music for the $20 000 000 feature film - 'Highlander' in the shape of their album 'A Kind Of Magic'. The film stars Christopher Lambert (who features in the video for 'Princes of the Universe') and Sean Connery.

When I did this film, there was only one band in my mind to do the music, and that's Queen. Queen's music was just right for this film: they have a very keen sense of visuals. They write very powerful, anthem-type songs, and the film needed just that kind of energy. I've always been a fan of Queen's and for a long time I have wanted to work with them.

John in the meantime was approached by the makers of 'Biggles', a film based on the classic books concerning a world was one fighter pilot, to write some music for the film. For the project John formed another band called the Immortals with friends Robert Awhai and Lenny Zakatek. One song is released from their recordings , 'No Turning Back', but has little effect on the charts.

On the 25th of April the first International Queen Fan Club Convention is held at Great Yarmouth. Over a thousand fans attend from as far a field as South Africa and Australia. The fan club also premiered the film 'Highlander' to an exited audience.


Jim Beach (Queen's Aide):

We'd thought of a Fan Club convention like that a couple of years ago but never got around to organising it. If it works well I'm sure it will become an annual event.

The conventions are still going strong.

Queen release their next song 'Friends Will Be Friends'. Again the band ask the fan club for some extras to help create a live audience feel for the video. There is no trouble getting volunteers and everyone who came along got to take home a 'I'm A Queen Friend' t-shirt.

Queen again appeared at the Montreux Music Festival. Again the band mimed, as it was a necessity due to the logistics of the event. Freddie though made it clear that the whole thing was a farce, with his tapping of supposedly live microphones and his ability to be heard even when he wasn't singing...

After Montreux the band all went into rehearsing for their upcoming tour. Demand for tickets was tremendous. In the UK you could only buy the tickets through the post, and postal application eventually amounted to over 500 000 thousand tickets being applied for.

The fans would not be disappointed with Queen's performance. For one thing they had the world's largest ever lighting rig to 'wow' the crowds with. The bands performance was faultless, with the band having rehearsed for this tour more than any other previously.

The ensuing European 'Magic tour' plays to over one million people. In the UK where there popularity was unstoppable, they broke the all time attendance record for a European tour with the total attendance being in excess of 400 000 people. The band covered all the prestigious venues including Wembley Stadium, Knebworth and Budapest’s famous Nepstadion, which was built by Stalin - a first for