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Last updated: March 04, 2009
As far as Queen went, the first part on 1987 was very slow. Roger and John were on holiday in Los Angeles and Brian was at home, trying to sort out his personal life. Freddie used this opportunity to work on some solo ideas.

The Budapest concert was released on the 16th of February. The concert was filmed by Mafilm, the governments own film company, and they had used every 35 mm camera in the country to film the concert.

Freddie activities in the studio culminates when he releases "The Great Pretender" on February 23rd. A video is made in typical Freddie style. The video features him in all his Queen guises. Freddie also manages to dress in drag again for a video, with Roger and his friend Peter Straker... One of Freddie's originally ideas had been to fly over the white cliffs of Dover, but due to logistical problems, this was eventually scrapped. The single was directed by David Mallet that didn't worry about the excesses of Freddie videos. In fact, David Mallet was likely to turn anything remotely simple and straightforward into a huge production all by himself. The single becomes his biggest solo hit to that point reaching number 4 in the UK charts.

Late February also sees the release of Queen's Greatest Hits in Hungary. Changes had taken place in the communist government that meant that Queen could finally release records there. Sales were huge.

Early in the year, Brian flew to Los Angeles to work with Meat Loaf. The pair collaborated on a track called "A Time For Heroes". This song became the theme tune for the Para-Olympic Games, to be held in LA later in the year.

In March Freddie meets opera diva Montserrat Caballe in Barcelona and forms and unusual partnership. The two of them agree to make an album together.

Montserrat was performing at London's Covent Street Gardens and Freddie went to see her. For the encore she sang "Exercises In Free Love" one of the songs that Freddie had played to her in their first meeting, much to Freddie's delight.

On the 15th of April Queen receive an Ivor Norvello award for their outstanding contribution to British Music.

Work on Freddie's albums with Montserrat soon started. Recording it would be a totally different experience for both of them, as they had previously worked in very different areas. The album took over nine months to record...

The 30th of May saw Freddie and Montserrat perform one of their songs for the first time. Barcelona was going to host the Olympic Games in 1992 and were having the Ibiza '92 festival to celebrate. Here Freddie and Montserrat perform "Barcelona" - a song that Freddie had written on Montserrat's request.

In the meantime, Brian had been tracked down by spoof heavy metal band "Bad News" and been worn down enough so that he would produce their record. They even do a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody - much to the dismay of Queen fans...

Brian also found time to produce Anita Dobson in her quest to become a pop star. Rumours were abound as to the nature of their relationship - which at this point were emphatically denied by both of them.

In August Roger forms a new band, "The Cross", in order to exercise his creativity in Queen's quieter periods... Ads were placed in various music papers. Hundreds sent audition tapes, but eventually Clayton Moss, Josh Macrae and Peter Noon were the lucky ones. They were also joined by Spike Edney on Keyboards. Roger himself took the role of lead vocalist and guitarist, something he had always wanted to do.

The single Barcelona is the first we hear of Freddie's new partnership. In Spain the single sells over 10,000 copies in 3 hours. It is promptly adopted by the Spanish Olympic Committee as the theme for the 1992 Olympic Games. The single reaches a respectable number 8 in the UK.

Roger's new band put out their first single, "Cowboys and Indians" which doesn't fair too well, reaching only number 74. At a filming for the video "Love Lies Bleeding" Roger meets Deb