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Last updated: March 04, 2009
Roger's relationship with Debbie Leng had developed to a point of them wanting to live together. The security of his children with Dominique had to be resolved though. Roger and Dominique got married on 25 January - a ceromony witnessed by Freddie and Mary Austin. Roger then moved in with Debbie - in a house a few minutes away from Dominique and his children. The press were quick to catch on to this story, as they thought it was quite strange...

The Cross release their first album "Shove It" which reaches number 58 on the UK albums listings. A European tour follows with the band playing club and university dates. Promoters of the various venues wanted to advertise the act as "Roger Taylor and the Cross". However Roger was adamant that the band would make it or break it on their own merits and the poster read only "The Cross".

Around this time it was announced by "Record Collector" that Queen were the third most collectable artist in the world.

Freddie appears once on the London musical "Time" starring Cliff Richard. All the profits of the show were donated to the Terrance Higgins Trust for research into AIDS.

The Cross appear at the Montreux Rose Rock Festival. They were playing live though - not lip synched. An unusual request, but since Jim Beach was a key organiser of the festival, he was able to pull a few stings.

On the 6th of June Brian and John appeared as part of the Prince's Trust Gala Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Other stars that performed that night were Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Mark Knopfler and Elton John. Brian was particularly thrilled to work with Joe Cocker. The concert was a much needed positive moment for Brian as his father had died just four days earlier.

At this point his personal problems came to a head. Brian left his wife Chrissy for Anita Dobson. Predictably the press had a field day with the story.

The Magic Years video set earned an award from the International Music and Media Conference for the best long form video.

Elaine page records a "Queen" album. Famous Lyricist Tim rice persuaded her to do it. Originally she was a little apprehensive, but after listening to some of Queen's more gentle ballads she was persuaded. The project had Queen's full support and they even appear in a photo with Elaine Page on the album notes.

The year ends with The Cross playing a one of gig at the Hammersmith Palais for the fan club Christmas party. Special guests are Brian and John. They play "Tie Your Mother Down" sung jointly by Brian and Roger - who forget the words... <% response.write "

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