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Last updated: March 04, 2009
Brian starts the year on a quest to raise money for children with leukemia. He re-records "Who Wants To Live Forever" with some young aspiring singers.

Queen release their sixteenth album "The Miracle" on May 22nd which enters the UK and numerous other territories charts at number 1. This album was different to any other in that all the songs were credited to Queen and not individual band members. At first the process was difficult - as all were protective about their ideas. However as time progressed it worked well, leaving them to wonder why they hadn't done it a long time ago. Sometimes their productiveness had been quite destructive - particularly when they were in Munich.

The album cover represented this 'joining'. The faces of the band were all blended into one - using a Quantel Graphics Paint Box - to stunning effect.

The album produces FIVE single releases - "I Want It All", "Breakthru", "The Invisible Man", "Scandal" and "the Miracle". They filmed a video for "Breakthru" on a private railway on Cambridgeshire - the video also includes an appearance of Roger's girlfriend Debbie, whom he met on a Cross video shoot.

Queen hadn't done an interview as an entire band for some time, and they were persuaded to change all that by Mike Reid, and on 29 May they were all interviewed. During the interview Freddie described his reluctance to go on tour, that the he had 'been there and done that' and wanted to change the cycle of 'album-tour, album-tour'.

Brian breaks his arm whilst skate boarding in the USA. With Roger he also gets involved in the Rock Aid Armenia project, along with the likes of Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickinson and David Coverdale. They recorded and released a version of the Deep Purple track "Smoke on the Water".  A promotional video was also made.

There were originally plans to release the second volume of Queen's Greatest Hits.  However, because sales of "The Miracle" were still strong, this released was postponed.  It was felt that releasing another Greatest Hits package at this time would be detrimental to sales of "The Miracle".

Roger makes headlines for confusing the Ministry of Defence, the media and his neighbours; laser lights roving the sky at his outrageous 40th birthday party are mistaken for UFO's.

The year ends with the release of "The Miracle Video EP" - just in time for the Christmas market.  The video cassette featured all of the videos from the album.