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Last updated: March 04, 2009
Innuendo the single is released in January and crashes into the number one spot, to be later joined the same position by the Album of the same name. The video representing a compendium of styles wins numerous awards including a 'Gold Camera Award' for director Jerry Hibbet.

Hollywood Records releases Innuendo in America where it reaches number 30. Hollywood then reinvestigates the re-issue of the entire Queen catalogue on CD in North America. All the re-issues are remastered to great effect and include bonus tracks (except Live Killers).

Brian plays his way around radio stations as promotion for "Innuendo" and his forthcoming solo album. At some shows he actually plugs his guitar into the mixing desk and plays along with the songs.

The second single released is "I'm Going Slightly Mad" which features penguins, teapots, gorillas and other peculiar things in the video. It reaches number 22 in the UK, scores the top position in Hong Kong.

"Headlong" is the follow up single (the first single release in North America). The video is taken at The Townhouse studio's where much of the album is recorded. The video to accompany it is a classic performance piece.

In October the band release their second Greatest Hits package, surprising no one when it enters the Charts at number 1. It was proceeded by the single "The Show Must Go On".

Speculation had been mounting as to the state of Freddie's health for some time. On the 23rd November Freddie confirmed the worst by issuing a statement saying that he did in fact have AIDS. At 7pm the next day Freddie Freddie's fight was over. Freddie Mercury - a God to millions, a treasured friend to some - had died.

Queen issued the following statement:


We have lost the greatest and most beloved member of our family. We feel overwhelming grief that he has gone, sadness that he should be cut down at the height of his creativity, but above all great pride in the courageous was he lived and died. It has been a privilege for us to have shared such magical times. As soon as we are able we would like to celebrate his life in the style to which he was accustomed.

Flowers from across the globe flooded the Queen offices - so many that they ended up covering Freddie's huge lawn in a double layer. On the Tuesday night before his funeral, the gates to Freddie's home were opened to the fans outside sot they could view the flowers and say their good byes.

Freddie's cremation was held on the 27th at the West London Crematorium. It was a private affair kept very quiet. The service was conducted in the Zoroastrian faith, and was attended by Freddie's closest family and friends.

As a fitting tribute to Freddie "Bohemian Rhapsody" was re-released with "These Are The Days Of Our Lives " as a double A-side, with all profits going to charity. The notes on the single sleave read:


AIDS Concerns Us All

The proceeds of this record will go to the Terrence Higgins Trust. Freddie Mercury was concerned about the financial support should be available to those less fortunate than himself and therefore the money raised by this record will go to the home care of people living with AIDS and to health education campaigns to help the further spread of the virus

It crashes into the UK Chart at number 1, and stays there for five weeks. It becomes the first and only single to be a 'Christmas number one' twice, and becomes the second biggest selling single in UK history. In December 1991, Queen have ten albums in the UK top 100.

Brian also releases his first solo single. He expressed concern about the timing of such a release - but Freddie insisted that he must release it. "Driven By You", an adaptation of a song Brian had written for the Ford Motor Company, reached number 6 in the UK chart.

Brian, Roger and John spent the Christmas period quietly with their families.