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Last updated: November 29, 2009
On the 6th February 1992 Hollywood Records release 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as a double A-side with 'The Show Must Go On'. The single reaches the number 2 position, helped along by its inclusion in the movie 'Wayne's World'. It becomes the most played song on radio in the USA for 1992.

On the 12th Queen win an award for best British single for 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' from the British Phonographic Industry.

Freddie was also honoured with an  "Outstanding contriubution to Music award" post-humously.  Accepting the award on his behalf, Brian said:

If Freddie were here he would tell me to put this on the mantelpiece. He would say look Mum, dad that's what I did and I'm proud. We are terribly proud of everything Freddie stood for. We feel his spirit is with us.
In collecting the award Roger announces the upcoming 'Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert', to be held at Wembley Stadium on April 20th. 


Tickets for the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert went on sale on the 13h February, and they all sold out within six hours - before anyone knew who was going to be playing except Brian, Roger and John.

The work began for Queen on 27 March when they began to re-learn some of their older hits and working out how to play their newer songs live. Playing without Freddie proved to be a very hard thing to do. Once this initial phase had been completed they moved to Bray Studios, where they were joined by many stars who had offered their services for Freddie.

The line up of people really was phenomenal. It really was 'wall to wall' stars with the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Extreme, Seal, Roger Daltry, Tony Iomi, Roger Plant and Def Leopard to name but a few.

The stage began construction on 15th April and it was even bigger than the 'Magic Tours'. On the same day Brian and Roger collect another award, this time an Ivor Norvello for 'Best Selling British A-side' for 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'. Brian also receives an award for best song in a commercial for 'Driven By YOU'. At this event they present the Terrence Higgins Trust with over one million pounds - the proceeds of 'Bohemian Rhapsody/These Are The Days Of Our Lives'.

The crowds for the tribute concert begin to converge on Wembley Stadium on Sunday the 19th of April. At 4 pm the next day the gates were finally opened and fans raced in for a good position. The merchandise stalls quickly began to sell out of merchandise. A new record for merchandise sales were made that day.

At 6 pm Brian, Roger and John took the stage. After promising to give Freddie the biggest send off in history they left the stage for the first act - Metallica. Many acts ran through a short 20 minute set.  In between sets, the crowd and television audience was treated to various Freddie and Queen videos. 

Metallica were followed by Extreme.  Well known for their hit "Hole Hearted "  they played the ultimate tribute set. A medley of Queen songs, starting off with Keep Yourself Alive, the very first single from Queen.  The band themselves were manic Queen fans.  Nuno Bettencourt "biography" is littlered with important things happening whilst watching "Queen videos".

After Extreme, came Def Lepard, who at that time had a number 1 album all around the world.  They were joined on the Queen track "Now I'm Here" by Brian May.

The second half featured Queen joined by special guests taking the vocals. The stars did their best at being Freddie Mercury - but his shoes were too big to fill. Many had to change the notes because they just couldn't do it the way Freddie could.

You can access the Freddie Mercury strength like that tribute concert. With the exception of George Michael, I think it showed, when the other artistes try to sing those songs, just how incredibly strong Freddie had been.
- Michael Appleton, one-time Old Grey Whistle Test producer.


The viewing figures for the concert were amazing. In the UK an estimated 6.3 million people watched it. World wide in over seventy countries one billion people saw it - more than those who had watched Live Aid. In order to distribute the funds Queen set up the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

In America Hollywood records, released Classic Queen - a best of compilation - that reached number 4 in the albums chart and was awarded double platinum status. It featured a remixed version of 'Under Pressure'.

May 26th saw the release of a full length, unedited version of Queen performing at Wembley in 1986. It reached number 2 in the UK chart.

In the middle of the year Brian releases his first solo album 'Back to the Light', with a single from it, 'Too Much Love Will Kill You', reaching number four in the UK and number one in Holland. Brian goes touring with the album across the globe.

Initially, Brian was concerned about the strength of his voice, and the ability to carry a show on his own.  The majority of Brian's Queen songs had always been ballads.  However, as time continued, and Brian continued through, his voice strengthened.

Brian had invited me round to his house in March when he was working on the album. Cozy Powell was there laying down the drum track for "Resurrection".  Brian was definitely tentative about the strength of his voice. He was playing me a fistful of apes and Sang he wasn't sure if he could may elect. He wasn't looking for an emotional crutch. He was simply worried that his voice would come over as weak, when it's not weak at all.
- Joe Elliot, Def Lepard.


1992 was the Olympic year - with the Olympics being held at Barcelona. For nearly two weeks all you could hear was Freddie and Monserrat singing Barcelona. 'Barcelona' the single was re-issued, and with all the 'Olympic hype' it reached number 2 - only just being kept of the number one spot.