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Here's Disc 3

London 26 December 1979

1.  Jailhouse Rock (cut)
2.  We will rock you (fast)
3.  Let me entertain you
4.  Somebody to love
5.  Vocal intro
6.  Mustaphy outro
7.  Death on two legs
8.  Killer Queen
9.  I'm in love with my car
10. Get down, make love
11. You're my best friend
12. Save me
13. Now I'm here (complete)
14. Don't stop me now
15. Love of my life
16. '39
17. Crazy little thing called love
18. Bohemian Rhapsody (silent snippet)
19. Sheer Heart Attack
20. We will rock you
21. We are the champions
22. God save the Queen
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