Queen music download : Announce as torrent : Manchester 4 May 2005

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This was requested by FaBu - hope you enjoy! - and for anyone else who missed it last time around.

Queen & Paul Rodgers
Manchester Evening News Arena
4 May 2005
Audience recording

Setlist :

Disc 1
1.  Introduction
2.  Reaching Out
3.  Tie your mother down
4.  I want to break free
5.  Fat bottomed girls
6.  Wishing well
7.  Crazy little thing called love
8.  Say it's not true
9.  '39
10. Love of mym life
11. Hammer to fall
12. Let there be drums
13. I'm in love with my car
14. Guitar solo
15. Last horizon

Disc 2
1.  These are the days of our lives
2.  Radio Gaga
3.  Can't get enough of your love
4.  A kind of magic
5.  I want it all
6.  Bohemian Rhapsody
7.  Under pressure
8.  All right now
9.  We will rock you
10. We are the champions
11. God save the Queen

Includes artwork, audiochecker file and ticket stubs but - alas! - no lineage (got it from the hub - if someone can provide same I'll add it to this post).  Size : 707 MB

Keep lossless files lossless!  Only convert to lossy for your own (ab)use.

If this torrent goes dormant in the future please bump it and some kind Queenzoner will seed it.

Good download and enjoy!
Posted by Ginger01 user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/14/2009 1:56:00 PM
Great!!! I missed this one!!!
Huge thanks Ginger01!!!

Posted by benelui user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/14/2009 2:15:00 PM
Thank you ever so much!! You're the QUEEN of torrents!!!!!!
Posted by FaBu user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/14/2009 2:36:00 PM
Domo Arigatou Ginger !
Posted by Masahiko user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/14/2009 4:49:00 PM
Thank you Ginger.
Posted by MarkRW user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/15/2009 5:15:00 AM
Looks to be the same as the version I received in a trade with the following information:

Sony MZ-N710 minidisc walkman (recorded in LP2 mode so I didn't have to worry about changing discs half way through) using Sony ECM-717 microphone. Transfer to PC via analogue (no other way of doing it - stupid walkman has a USB input but not an output!), possibly a bit of treble added, burnt to CD and shipped off to Bokkepoot who uploaded it as FLAC level 8.

See if my FFPs match yours?

Disc 1\01 Lose Yourself (Eminem).flac:ebcb5d2c8f8244b9a4080c46599775d6
Disc 1\02 Reachin' Out - Tie Your Mother Down.flac:09b141bb33b17212106ab665e989930b
Disc 1\03 I Want To Break Free.flac:223907ca56e202d0c2ce31c523a7fe5f
Disc 1\04 Fat Bottomed Girls.flac:1682f4f30a79f1b7a84bf2e87575d20c
Disc 1\05 Wishing Well.flac:1d1726d53291ef267441bef67716bee9
Disc 1\06 Crazy Little Thing Called Love.flac:69d1b96001f735ec0f2f9f687275b0a4
Disc 1\07 Say It's Not True.flac:447fec88a4044525357e476b1e4f5041
Disc 1\08 '39.flac:f37d02afb3030d8f22bdad22f0836430
Disc 1\09 Love Of My Life.flac:9217a36a1cebcd61e39f4a5f6e761370
Disc 1\10 Hammer To Fall (slow-fast).flac:4a719edceca6b12e5aad195a5a59fdba
Disc 1\11 Let There Be Drums.flac:d726b9f37a479eeac17ad67d0ecb2b18
Disc 1\12 I'm In Love With My Car.flac:0ee5d18658ac18e21394275f4718ba3a
Disc 1\13 Guitar Solo.flac:422e95e3bccddaae45339f97725592b6
Disc 1\14 Last Horizon.flac:c205f88dd9776a83e74b52f6bf1db936
Disc 2\01 These Are The Days Of Our Lives.flac:8f307e0c6e1ed0d94ecf0ba78588b0c0
Disc 2\02 Radio Ga Ga.flac:b4f9b594fcf959ad799e9e9da6dac52d
Disc 2\03 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love.flac:5767e2eeb84b91ffc6b9d455439ab7b2
Disc 2\04 A Kind Of Magic.flac:73e104eb6799d890f91c2aa893fa9d23
Disc 2\05 I Want It All.flac:e0c26fcc99aab9f781562ee6a4c1c597
Disc 2\06 Bohemian Rhapsody.flac:d21960182f6c9570dc7239a89f9ac41a
Disc 2\07 Under Pressure.flac:3d25f3bea4fe0f33b41ec4ba4de06ca8
Disc 2\08 All Right Now.flac:9f604251bde8cd74827a81e25311b063
Disc 2\09 We Will Rock You (slow).flac:998050e0c27bb2cae71aed79f85b0c20
Disc 2\10 We Are The Champions.flac:028923ed89f6825ba975c5a167fbc3f9
Disc 2\11 God Save The Queen.flac:00be1b64e48d605e249411c8d3798829

No errors occured.

Posted by TimBHM user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/15/2009 1:05:00 PM
My ffps aren't quite the same : here they are!

Disc 1
01 - Loosing Yourself.flac:12559e23e11e1e1220d2d60ee657b99e
02 - Reaching Out - Tie Your Mother Down.flac:8f493a69c4ec0f3f3972ffea7400a66a
03 - I Want To Break Free.flac:3cd466ef7469ff6c88647438b2a08423
04 - Fat Bottomed Girls.flac:4ee21868dc7d82651a58f73e729985fe
05 - Wishing Well.flac:7279420655a75fdea9d4f487b3f3fed5
06 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love.flac:5316e893cdc5f5e33de70f284f3d6e4c
07 - Say Its Not True.flac:41572c55bed28c390c1a0dbc48f1d284
08 - '39.flac:3eb4b60763935bd2a3d7ee39c61d1e29
09 - Love Of My Life.flac:b30949c15d7c7c9ef9e0d0d657359806
10 - Hammer To Fall.flac:c8d74abe77ddc4b38593084cf5e191b1
11 - Let There Be Drums.flac:0bdb3141db76407130ab079bc5096363
12 - I'm In Love With My Car.flac:895066b572f30867513fa1aeae39809a
13 - Guitar Solo.flac:c4bdd228e8ffd9f5fc9949ba9d30a1b5
14 - Last Horizon.flac:d4673245c60685688016fc6f10d31b7a

Disc 2
01 - These Are The Days Of Our Lives.flac:ff4978269ea218362bd651502e99941a
02 - Radio Gaga.flac:b33a6a1e958579d24c2eb7565bec8f18
03 - Cant Get Enough Of Your Love.flac:2d1eedb3131a7f8de5b9166d0cb4e637
04 - A Kind Of Magic.flac:8be0a69780c33b5591fe84b0506654b7
05 - I Want It All.flac:dad5ff9f954e733038fcf0ae579e842f
06 - Bohemian Rhapsody.flac:3eeb1b7eebf9e4fa2b24406ed784bbce
07 - Under Pressure.flac:504c9aa58ed7f2004c349b771b191eaa
08 - All Right Now.flac:a20a7797b8b8169ca9a7344217754c45
09 - We Will Rock You.flac:04bdac012f3b5bfde9be760e974e5b2f
10 - We Are The Champions.flac:e8e3a35c7ecaa9540e870ffb7854c3bf
11 - God Save The Queen.flac:7b046b04d059f274ff45f75115072276

Hope this helps!
Posted by Ginger01 user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/15/2009 6:21:00 PM
How peculiar - guess I'll have to download and have a listen :)
Posted by TimBHM user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 11/19/2009 5:29:00 PM
Posted by bokkepoot user not visiting Queenzone.com
on 4/6/2010 1:55:00 PM