Queen music download : Announce: MP3 Brian May Live in Cardiff 11.06.1993

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Hello everyone,

After sharing nine "new" concerts from Brian May in 1998 (FLAC, DVD but also MP3), I'm going to share some new stuff from

him from the 1993 Back to the light tour.

Again....some of these concerts are in MP3.
In my opinion it is better to share MP3, than totally nothing.
I can remember that everybody, including myself was very happy that there leaked out the sun city concerts 1984.
Also that concert is only available from a MP3 source !

Okay enough disclaimers....

Here we go for the fourth 1993 concert which I have downloaded from the Queenhub.
This one is in MP3 with a bitrate of 128 kbps.
It's not shared before on Queenzone as far as I know.
If somebody has this one lossless it would be appreciated if it would be shared here.

Date: 11.06.1993
Concert: Brian May live in Cardiff Ice Rink
City: Cardiff
Country: UK
Artist: Brian May

01 The Dark
02 Back To The Light
03 Driven By You
04 Tie Your Mother Down
05 Love Token
06 Headlong
07 Love Of My Life
08 39 - Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
09 Too Much Love Will Kill You
10 Since You've Been Gone
11 Now I'm Here
12 Guitar Solo
13 Resurrection
14 Last Horizon
15 We Will Rock You
16 God
17 Hammer To Fall

I don't have any information on Lineage, recording equipment or taper.

Best regards,


embedupload-file can be found here:

and below ofcourse the torrentfile:
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