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How do I enter the chatroom via mIRC?

Submitted by: YourValentine

Load mIRC program up
Go to OPTIONS usually its in FILE at the top or press
ALT + O.
Down the left hand side there are categories. you need
the CONNECT one. Click on it
There will be in the main part of the box screens
saying IRC SERVER and ADD. Click ADD. Then a new box
comes up, Make sure the Port number is 6667 and in the
DESCRIPTION and IRC server put exactly this:

Then make sure it is the default
server. I.E. it is the server that you see in the box.
The bottom bit of that screen is full of details, your
nick for chat etc, fill that in.

Also go to the category called IRC, go to the sub
category called PERFORM. In there, tick the box which
says auto connect (if you want mIRC to autoconnect
when you load up the program). And in the big box put
/join #Queenzone

That will save you having to join the chat manually
everytime you load it up. There are other boxes with
COLOURS and SOUNDS. Look at them and change them in
accordance to what you want.

If you follow those instructions you should easily get to chat!
If you have any problems ask the operators, they  will sort them out for you.