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How do I start a blog on Queenzone.com?

Submitted by: YourValentine

Firstly, you must be a member.  If you haven't joined already, you can do so at:


Once you have joined, go to the members section.  Here you can manage your blogs.

To start a blog, from main members page

1.  Click "your blogs"
2.  On the next page, click "Add Blog"
3.  You are presented with another page.  Click "Add Blog"
4.  This page is where you setup your blog.  You need to enter:

- A blog title e.g. Freddie's blog
- A blog URL.  This will be the address that people go to so that they can read your blog.
- A description.  What are you going to write about.  It can be anything.
- A stats counter.  This is optional.  You can add a counter from some of the many free sites that host counters for free.  This FAQ lets you know how you can add a counter.

5.  Once you have added all your points, click "submit" and your blog has been setup.

6.  Now your blog is set up, you need to add to it.

7.  Click "Add Entries" next to your blog title.  This lists the entries made to the blog.

8.  Click "Add a blog Entry"

9.  Enter a subject title and the text for your blog.

10.  Click submit and you have added your first blog entry.