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Was Freddie Mercury gay or bisexual?

Submitted by: YourValentine

Freddie appeared to live his life predmoninently as a gay man.

Early in his life, Freddie did have girlfriends.  Notably, in the early 70s he had a serious relationship with Mary Austin.   Their "romantic relationship" lasted around 5 years, but they continued to be firm friends afterwards.   Freddie left the majority of his estate to Mary when he died.  He was also godfather to her son, Richard.

Through much of the mid-70's to his death, Freddie seemed to have various gay relationships, apart from a relationship with Barbara Valentin, a German actress sometime in the early 80's.

For the last 7or 8 years or so of his life, Freddie had an ongoing relationship with Jim Hutton.  Jim currently lives in Ireland.