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What is John Deacon doing these days?

Submitted by: YourValentine

In 1997 John retired from being an active member in "Queen".  His last official role as bassist was in the "No One But You Video"

John Deacon is though still a partner in the Queen business enterprise.  Therefore, his permission is required or at least consulted in order to authorise releases, etc.

John has been very low-key since his "retirement" as the bass player in Queen.  He has rarely been seen in "public" or at "public events".  The notable exceptions are when he did turn up to the We Will Rock You musical launch in London in 2002.  John was seen at the after-party.  Also, John has been in the tabloids twice.  Once photographed at Stringfellows, a strip club, and another time quoted as saying he didn't like the idea of Robbie Williams touring with Brian and Roger ("Queen").

John has always been the quieter member of the group, and, most people after ~30 years of a particular career are happy to have a change.

Reportedly, Brian and Roger, have asked John if he would like to play with them on their various tour outings.