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What Is The Story Behind The Cover of "News Of The World"?

Submitted by: YourValentine

A famous science fiction artist named Frank Kelly Freas originally designed this for a comic book called "Astounding". He designed it for the story "The Gulf Between" which was in the October 1953 issue...The robot holding the dead body of a man is captioned "Please... fix it, Daddy?" to illustrate the story The Gulf Between by Tom Godwin. The robot killing the man was likened to a child injuring a bug and looking up at his parents saying "what have I done?" The original looks like this:


Roger is a huge fan of science fiction, he had the comic book, so therefore in 1977, he brought the idea to the table and inspired the band contacted Freas and he agreed to alter it for their cover.

(written by Heather T, thanks)