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What things are NOT allowed in the QZ chatroom?

Submitted by: YourValentine

The following :

insulting remarks to other people both in main chat and in private conversations - if you suffer insulting remarks in private chat please tell an operator

any racist, homophobic or crude remarks will be not be tolerated

continuing flooding - copying and pasting lots of information (you can paste some just not page after page)

continuing talk in foreign languages. As with the Queenzone website, the chatroom is an English language site, please speak in English in the room

entering the chatroom with many aliases with the intent to cause trouble

continuing use of bright colours - Please stick to black for conversational speak, the use of colours is permitted for actions etc, however please keep it to a minimal.

Continuing with any activity above will result in firstly a warning from an operator, then kick from the chat, 2nd offence will be a ban and any thereafter may result in a permanent ban.