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Who wrote the songs which are credited to Queen?

Submitted by: YourValentine

Very few of them can be credited to just one person but the main writer would be:

Under Pressure - F (music), F&B (lyrics)
One Vision - R (l) & B (m)
Party - F
Kashoggi`s - F
Miracle - F
When Love breaks Up - F
Breakthru - R
Invisible Man - R
Rain Must Fall - J (m) & F (l)
Scandal - B
My Baby Does Me - F
Was It All Worth It - F
Hang On In There - F
Stealin` - F
Chinese Torture - B
Hijack My Heart - R
Innuendo - F (m), F & R (l)
Slightly Mad - F
Headlong - B
I Can`t Live With You - B
Don`t Try So Hard - F
Ride The Wild Wind - R
The Hitman - F
Days Of Our Lives - R
Delilah - F
All God`s People - F & Mike Moran
Bijou - F
Show Must Go On - B (l), J&R (m)
A Winter`s Tale - F
You Don`t Fool Me - R (m) & F (l)
It`s A Beautiful Day - F
Let Me Live - R (l) & F (m) (unsure)

researched and posted on Queenzone by Sebastian