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Hi there if anyone is interested I have some items for sale bacause otherwise then most people here I only listen to the music and I'm not interested in having all the stuff in items at my home. Three years ago I sold most of the stuff, wich allowed me to buy a mobile recording studio including everything you need like mikes etc etc. Although maybe there are newly collectors who are still looking for some vinyl things and maybe I can help them this is the remaining list of singles


Cassettesingle van Headlong

7 inch singles

Killer Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody (dutch edition with wrong name of B-side)
You're My best friend
Tie your mother down (without the original sleeve)
Spread your wings
Don't stop me now
Crazy little thing called love
Play the Game
Under Pressure
Las Palabras de amor
Back Chat
Radio Ga Ga
It's a hard life
One Vision
A kind of Magic
Frineds will be friends
The Invisible Man
I'm Going slightly mad

Love Kills

Driven by you

Future Management
Nazi's (red vinyl)

Eddie Howel- Man from manhattan (Freddie en Brian)
Rock against Repatriation - Sailing (Brian)
Holly Johnson - Love Train (Brian)
Living in a box - Blow the house down (Brian)
Artists united for nature- Yes we can (Brian)

Well let me know if yo are interested. Besides that I also still have three vinyl bootlegs.

Send me an mail if you are interested.



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hi im interested in your bo rhap (dutch) and your bootlegs which are they?
keep the prices realistic eh

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Hi. Can you let me know about the bootlegs- e.g tittles, prices, ect.


Much love F.M

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