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Posted: 06 Sep 07, 19:33 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote "Living In The Future" by Bruce Springsteen
1st thoughts, nothing like "Hungry Heart" but there is plenty of horns specifically Saxaphone and some great keys. The opening riffs remind of a slowpoke "Paradise By The C" & "Waiting On A
Sunny Day". Little Steven Van Zandt I can hear him in the background singing, some twangy guitar, country-ish. Almost a combo of "Waiting On Sunny Day" and something from Tom Petty "You Got Lucky", nice keyboard solo. The vocals are "The River" meets "Born In The USA" era, hard to put a nail into this one, but the end sax solo reminds me of "Waiting On A Sunny Day" again. Na na na na na na na.

"Living In The Future" is from his upcoming release, "Magic"

Thanks to POSTAL68 of of for this one.

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