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The first song that came to mind was/is "I'll Work For Your Love" and it
was the first song outta the WinAMP shuffle. Honestly, the man is pure
genius. Not just me, I refer to none other than Bruce Springsteen of
course. It's the whole piano intro. Now I sit here and think "how in the
world did "Words Called Love" a song of mine, never finished with that intro
ever get out and how in some soulful, you share, we share, I share back and
forth for awhile now, how did the riff, piano line get expounded upon? I never
released it but WOW he sure did expound on his own creative ideas.
Ya know there is only so many riffs a guitar can come up with before someone
has the same idea somehow, closely to identical to far apart and "that's a stretch".
I like each track in their own special way.

Next up was "Your Own Worst Enemy" and it is so Beatlesque! I like how
"Gypsy Biker" flowed almost into "Radio Nowhere" and of course, "Girls In
Their Summer Clothes" is going to be a pure beautiful yet comical yet
sailing like winner in concert, I could imagine this beauty of a song just
listening to where Springsteen no doubt, got his inspiration and I say
"Beach Boys". I just got done listening to "Terrys Song" and its the
cleanest cut out of all of them, where vocals are prominent and yet evenly
mixed but then again, these are 128kbps MP3's, not the CD and I more than
likely will purchase the CD, just to peruse "sheer nekkid sonic
pleasantries". Honestly I think Springsteen takes the time to take it all
in from the fan to the family to the E Street Band family to God only knows
where and comes out with some way of eeking out a pure winner. Grammy time 2007!

The acoustical strumming of "You'll Be Coming Down" is much ado similar to
the piano intro of "I'll Work For Your Love" someway or another, the overall
rhythym and flow is my reference and it leads me to believe that perhaps
there is theme to all this.

The 30 second clips from a .de extension did not do the "Magic" magic at
all, you really need to hear this in full, MP3 or CD. Like me or hate me as
a musician, somewhere in between, all I know is this man Springsteen, Bruce
does know how to sooth, inspire and entertain whilst telling fact and or
fiction or a combo of both and purchasing some form of the "Magic" release
is a fair way to express gratitude, other than wild applause at a concert or
recording thereof.

I went on record last week to state that "Magic" sounds as if there is
flute and the truth be told is the instrument is a woodwind combo organ
piano. Quite a two step beat there.

I'm also announcing something more personal, after 18 + yrs, my wife of that
time and I have decided to seperate and alas, file for divorce. She's the
one person out of everyone on Earth I've vocally spoken with at least once a
day for that entire time. Don't want to lose you, good luck with your new
love Leonda.

It's gonna be a long walk home indeed...that song "Long Walk Home" just
started after my last sentence above. I suppose it's about parting ways with
a loved one yet starting anew. "Last To Die" Mr. Springsteen is singing "never
forget 9/11/01" I suppose, but doesn't blatantly say that aloud. Yet, nor we should
not forget and not forget that our troops, your troops need that TLC when coming home.

"Living In The Future" indeed, think about tomorrow whilst here yet live for the moment like it's your last....a great bluesy Motown'ish song.

"Magic" by Bruce Springsteen comes out October 2, 2007 in the USA and will be available one week prior in LP (that's 33RPM record for all you newbies LOL).

Peace, Shalom, Be!

William K. Mahler

W. K. Mahler

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We love you Mandy!