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This is the second part of a post I made a few days ago in the wrong section, about doing a duet of Freddie and Brian. I have been aware that this has been done before, but I want to do it for a few reasons.

-I have always loved the song, and it is very close to my heart for many reasons. I would love to create a new duet between the two of them, as though they actually sung it together.

-I want a single version, preferably piano, and then, when I've done some more remixing I would like to do a live version of the it.

-I chose this song also because I dont have any Queen demo's, and dont have the net connection or the technology to download them, so this is the only song of which I have two versions

-Adam Balboolal told me on the first post that there is an acoustic version on the net and possible a piano only one, and if I can find these it will be piano and vocals only, which I reckon will sound really good.

The challenges that are facing me at the moment are:

-This will be my first remix, which means it will take me a while, but I really want to do it.

-I have Adobe Audition, and Adam said that it can isolate tracks, not completely, but to some degree. I don't actually know how to do this, so I need help with that aspect of it.

-The timing on the chorus is not the same, Freddie sings it faster than Brian

I cant think of any others at the moment but that seems about enough =0

Any help is appreciated in how best to approach what I'll need, etc. As I work on it I will update on how it's going.

Thanks in advance...


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