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(I was contemplating putting this in a blog, rather than taking up precious topic space...however, I realized that perhaps other people have had a similar experience to mine.)

I was a bit skeptical reading this book (Cell). My aunt told me she didn't like it because she felt as if it was just a different version of The Stand. Reading through it, with this in mind I did find many Stand elements to it, however, I still felt the book was enjoyable. I did not feel like it was just a rip off of The Stand. I even became addicted to the book. Every day I'd read more and more. It only got better.


I came to the end today.

I have never read an ending that pissed me off more than this one. Let me get this straight--I love Stephen King's boldness. He is not afraid to kill off a main character, or leave a story with a depressing ending. This tends to piss off many people, but I simply admire it. The way he can toy with you, make you root on a certain character only to get your hopes up. I love reading his books because in this sense, they are realistic (despite the supernatural or sci-fi elements that are usually thrown in there)--the good guys don't always win.

I was expecting an amazing ending...especially with a book that takes place on such a grand scale of destruction. How the hell will he tie everything together in the end?

Well guess what...

The ending has no resolution!!!!!! The book ends, in the midst of chaos, two groups that were once united going separate ways. The father reunites with his zombified (yes, I just made up that word) son, and takes the big risk of having him use the cell phone again. Just as the phone rings...the book ends. Nothing is said of the groups, nothing is said of what happens to the son, nothing is said of what happens to the fate of the world. I rather a depressing ending than no ending.

Simply put, no loose ends were tied. Nothing pieced together. It was like the book was cut off.

I honestly think that is such a lazy way out. One could argue that it's smart because it leaves the reader to ponder how things may turn out.
But c'mon. That's no excuse for sheer laziness. Absolutely nothing was resolved.

I am still a huge Stephen King fan...but just a slightly angry one.

It's so weird. I've never gotten mad at a book before, and I have read my fair share of them. I just feel jipped. I want the precious time I spent reading that book back.

Anyone ever read any books like this? If so, what were they? What were your reactions? Did the book make you stop reading more from the same author, or make you bias towards all the author's other works?

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just wait for the sequel (or king cashes in again)

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