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Anyone booked yet? We have and looking forward to it.

Besides being inebriated every night what's your particular highlights? Queen Quiz, Collectors Corner, meeting old friends, tribute band, or do you just go for the ladies etc? They'll be some here who'll go armed with tape-recorders for any demo's and DVD recorders to record concerts played in the chalets (someone had more kit than the BBC last time!) but whatever floats your boat. Anyone organised the annual Greg Brooks lynch mob yet :-).

Anyone planning a meet up? Be good to put a face to some of the names on here.

Hope to see some new and some familiar faces there again.

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Quiz - yes.

Collecting thingy - not really. An alternating stream of people with signed pics of Freddie (Jim Jenkins response: "that's rare, that is") and Basje showing off does not make for interest or entertainment.

Girls - yes, but I only look. It's not the same without the netball players - bring back shared conventions!

Drinking - a bit, maybe. Will they trust us with glass this time, or will it plastic again?

Tribute bands - yawn. There are too many of these put on. Two per weekend maximum would work.

Taping the "rarities" - well, now that they are all "property of Queen Productions", it doesn't matter if we tape them, does it? They have barely any value as bootlegs in such condition, which is exactly the point.

Taping the videos off the TV - it's rare these days that anything non-commercial is on the TV, so not oing to get too excited there.

While I'm being sooo you think we could persuade the staff not to just stick a Greatest Hits CD on every time there's something going on? Some years it's as if there are only 3 Queen CDs on site...

And while my face may be familiar, it won't be put with this name to all and sundry.