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Hi John:

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I searched on the title you included in your post and a few subsets of that, and it doesn't seem that the search function is working very well. Then I tried just "garfunkel" and it was among several that came up under that term. The link below should take you there if you're registered:

It's under "folk" and it looks like there are currently two seeders. Good luck!

ps: it looks like maruga mercury is seeding a couple of Queen gigs . . . or at least someone named "maruga" is.
(From here down is copied from Dime)
Art Garfunkel & Paul Simon Home recordings 1964 (Chez + more) 26.15 KB/s 28 --- 2006-12-07
15:30:08 327.59
MB 733
times 3 1 Bobdulla

Since it's been quite a while since I've seen this one I'd like to offer it to you.
I downloaded it from this site a few years ago...Thanks to the original seeder.
The torrent includes both the old and new info file + cover art for Chez.

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
Home Recordings 1964 (Chez)

Source: Home recording equipment
(There is a bit of hiss on the recording, but all in all it is quite enjoyable, considering it's from 1964)

The first 9 tracks are Art Garfunkel trying out some classics (vocal only) and trying to dub himself onto tape. Please help out with the song titles....

The rest is from the bootleg known as Chez which Paul Simon recorded for his then girlfriend Kathy who lived in London and whom he met during his stay there, just before Sounds Of Silence became a hit. This is like a taped letter for her. Art is helping out on some songs...

It's a quite funny bit of history...

01 unknown 01:56
02 Walk On (?) 01:59
03 I Believe/Devoted to You (?) 02:48
04 Devoted to You (?) 01:30
05 Devoted to You (?) 01:55
06 Dream 01:55
07 My Story 03:16
08 My Story 01:32
09 unknown 01:54
10 Anji 02:23
11 Talking 02:09
12 Leaves That Are Green 02:40
13 Instrumental 03:11
14 Patterns 04:08
15 Instrumental 02:21
16 Instrumental 01:09
17 Instrumental 01:14
18 Kathy's Song 03:33
19 Talking 01:00
20 Talking 01:14
21 Benedictus (with Art Garfunkel) 02:59
22 Talking 00:56
23 The Sound Of Silence (with Art Garfunkel) 02:05
24 I Am A Rock 03:29
25 Talking 02:55
26 A Church Is Burning/America The Beautiful (with Art Garfunkel) 03:54
27 Going To The Zoo (with neighbor girl Debbie Epstein) 01:07

Hope to see more of the two gents here.....

Merry Christmas to you all....

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