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A Unique Freddie Mercury - 3' Tall Spectacular Sculpture

The Sculpture is a brand new unique piece created and signed by The World Famous Sculptress: Sylvia Attard

This is a very impressive and remarkable, lifestyle figure, created in steel and fiber glass, with a bronze finish, mounted on a base of welded, interwoven iron.

This sculpture is rich in detail, depicting Freddie Mercury wearing his monocle, neck chain, arm bracelet, holding his cane in his left hand with his right fist punching the air.

This superb figure truly portrays the charisma and movement of Freddie Mercury on stage.

It is inspired from an actual photograph, taken at the height of his fame, photographed by Freddie Mercury's nephew (see message below), during a live concert.

Standing an impressive 36” (91.4 cm) high (inclusive of base the size of the base is 16” ( 40.64 cm) x 9” (22.86 cm) height 7” (17.78 cm).

This sculpture is stunning at all angles .. it catches the eye and is appreciated by all not just Freddie Fans. It looks extremely expensive and it is reassuringly very heavy.

This stunning figure has never been and is NOT AVAILABLE on the open market.

The new owner will have something exceptional and unique. This piece would make a wonderful gift, for anniversary present, or for any occasion.

This sculpture would look magnificent in any entrance hall, alcove or large mantle-piece. It is an impressive piece of art is truly STUNNING and is an wonderful conversation piece; it is an absolute 'must have' for anyone even remotely interested in Freddie Mercury or Queen. Or frankly anyone who appreciates a wonderful, intricate, unique work of art, or as an asset to enhance your home.

This is not just a significant sculpture, in terms of subject, or a superb piece of art, this piece is also a financial investment. As Sylvia Attard's pieces are very collectable and many are resold for thousands of £££'s more that original price, as such this spectacular sculpture will consequently continue to grow in increased interest and monetary value. Therefore should you wish to resell in the future, it could certainly be sold for considerably more than you paid.

I guarantee you will NEVER find another sculpture exactly like this. This may be your only chance to
own an original Sylvia Attard (signed) sculpture at this price, don't let this golden opportunity slip away!! If you are fortunate enough to find another of Sylvia Attard's pieces for sale in a gallery near you, the price tag will almost certainly be over a thousand pounds.

I will be happy to answer any questions, regarding this sculpture, or the artist, or her past work.

If interested I could send you some pics.

Price: Offers in excess of £250.00

Email: Lynn to arrange viewing/pick up



(BTW Freddie's Nephew (you know who you are)you have left your personal collection of family photographs, portraying Freddie and other family members with the artist. Please get in touch so that they can be returned to you)

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Penetration_Guru wrote:


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