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News is supposed to be about happenings with Queen right? So why is it that when I look at the news section, I see a few actual news type things, and 10 articles about Queen being used in a commercial. Not only that, they are all usually about the same commercial. I mean, really, come on, of course Queen will be used in commercials, as well as movies and television shows. We can all very plainly see and hear the commercials once they come on tv (which, if you live in America, you know that they dominate the airwaves). Or, if you really are THAT bent on seeing it, try youtube. But I really doubt that we need 10 announcements about the same commercial just because they play a clip of I Want It All. Otherwise, why not make it news everytime we hear a Queen song on the radio, or every time we see some Queen merchandise in a store.

Nonono, you don't understand, that is NOT why I have this gerbil!
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Yes, and now we have a MAJOR NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT.

Freddie is losing.

Somehow, that has become news and now we all have to go to a very teenage website so Freddie won't lose.

Whoever runs the NEWS section of QUEENZONE must be about 14 or 15.