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Posted: 09 Mar 08, 22:07 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote i have hyped people about an album coming out this year. it is certainly happening one way or another. this means eventually, i will have to perform. with some kind of band. in front of people. to promote this album.

im scared to death of performing in front of people 'alone'. its already a little scary to be expressing my music, something that is so personal, to be shared with the world, but i want to so bad. i want to mentally prepare myself for that. i couldnt so any solos in chorus or anything because my nerves got so bad. i shake, my voice cracks, and i cant sing louder than a whisper, even if i want to.

ive done performances in the past, but there were always groups involved. this would be something by myself. i dont lik being the center of attention.

later this year, i will be preforming in a 'rockumentary' type of play (hard to explain). the guy who is producing it is realyl trying ot get my voice heard. itll be covers, so its not as bad. but im dreading that performance day.

its just something i need to conquer. for those who experienced or used to experience this, what is your advice?

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