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For those older folk who grew up with Queen when the man himself was still around,what are your best memories? I grew up in Holland in an English speaking international school and was a huge fan,keeping it quiet because even then,Queen did not seem to be a 'cool' band.Like in the UK,everyone seemed to like Adam & The Ants or whatever was happening at the time.Then one day in another boring lesson all the Americans had skived off to grab a just released album and rushed back like excited toddlers! The date was October 31st 1981,and they all came back with their copy of 'Grootste Hits',as it was called there.I think it topped the charts for about two months,so maybe people have taste after all! Then in May 1982,we were reviewing new and classic songs in the music lesson.The Americans gave 10/10 for champions and Bo rap,but just 2/10 for the new one 'Staying power'not liking the new maybe it was wasn't the moustache after all......

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I grew up in the states. Queen were cool in the 70's and early 80's. I didn't announce it to the whole school that I was a fan, but all my friends knew, and they liked Queen too. We went to the concerts from 1978-1982 in New York. We bought the bootleg T-Shirts because they were cheaper. The radio played more obscure stuff back then (i.e. Spread Your Wings). They even played cuts off of Live Killers. They also played more concerts at night that I would stay up late for. I always made sure to be at the record store the day the new album was released. I had to wait for them to open the boxes to label them for sale. Then it was so exciting to listen to it for the first time. Oh well, what a time that was for Queen!

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The Best memories of Queen, I remember watching in my early teens the Radio Ga Ga video and yes the awful but funny I Want to Break Free video on the BBC Pop programme 'Top of the Pops'plus in 86 when A Kind of Magic was a monster hit throughout the world and especially Germany where I lived at the time.
Sadly missed opportunity to see the Rock Gods at the Mungersdorfer stadion in Koln, I lived nearby on the outskirts of Dortmund too! and Mannheim on the Magic Tour.
I missed most of the live Queen performance at Live Aid too, as I watched the Quo open at Wembley Stadium, and soon switched off after listening to a succession of dirge that followed, when I swithched back in the evening I caught tail end of WATC, by the way I loved the way Freddie sang the last words he really extended
the Champi....ons! then of the world sounded really cool! however I watched Brian/Freddie perform 'Is This The World We Created' later in the evening.
Thanks to the latest Rock Montreal DVD, we can revisit that stellar performance.
It would nice if this concert were available on i-tunes i would download it for sure.

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yer i was too young too be able too see the men himself alive when they did a tour in australia
as i would of only been about 1 or 2 years old.
but the really weird thing is & this is no lie i can still remember hearing on the radio on the 25th of november the day after Freddie passed away "That the lead singer of queen Freddie Mercury has died of aids" even though i was only 7 when he did pass away,my first thoughts was the queen had die like as in Queen Elizabeth.
i had no idea who queen was but now i cant get enough of them.
and i wish i was around alot longer before i was so i might of had the chance too see queen live with freddie still out front.
My first memories of queen would of been when i use too hear Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio,the way i knew it was it,was from the lyrics "Mama,just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger,now hes dead," and that song their was my first memories and maybe my greatest from being able too hear more then likely the best piece of music the bad has ever made & i really love that song for that reason from being a child hearing the musc at suc a young age.

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My greatest memories are from just growing up with them in the late 70's and all through the 80's and loving the experience of going through those years. Seeing them on tour here in the Staes, listening to new singles that came over the radio and waiting for HOURS for it to being played again, listening to radio ads promoting the shows in Providence in 78 and 80, getting in the car and going to the shows there, waiting for the new albums to be released and playing them to DEATH! Reading the poor reviews they got and how unfair you thought it was, trying to stay up late and watch Midnight Special or Don Kirchner's Rock Concert just to see the videos for Fat Bottomed Girls of Bicycle Race (this was before MTV) Buying magazines with their pictures in it even if there was no story... just a photo with a caption. It was a time I would love to re-live and take you all back there with me just to have the experience.

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Rock Concert and Midnight Special! Those were the days!

I remember ripping off the shrink wrap on NOTW, pulling out the album cover and screaming "Deacy cut his hair!". I remember my college roommate threatening to break my Jazz album if I played Bicycle Race one more time. I remember seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1977 and thinking that Frankenfurter reminded me of Freddie. And I remember seeing Queen my one and only time in Seattle 1980.

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The sheer excitement whenever a new album or tour was announced. I used to drive my school mates mad. Buying anything at all that came out with them in. Driving my mum and dad mad by hogging the tv whenever they were going to be on some show, even for a few mins. Watching Roger and John on 'Pop quiz',and various other programs. Being in deep trouble at school for missing a hockey match (which we lost) because I stayed at home to watch a Brian interview on telly. Truanting from school the day tour tickets were released so I could be sure to get hold of some (surely I'm not the only person to have done this?). Buying the albums on the first day of release (on vinyl) and playing them to death.........

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My greatest memory of Queen was Wembley '86 .I was only 14 and Mum and Dad were the fans and didnt trust me to behave myself if they left me at home all day ( I was a naughty kid ;)lol)I didnt want to go ,wasnt my thing at all .But how wrong I was! I had the best time and as my first evr gig, I feel so priveliged to have seen Freddie . My Hubby is the hardcore fan and he never had the chance to see Queen bless him .I have bought tickets for us at the O2 as its his birthday on Oct 13. It aint the same but its as close as he's gonna get!
Brian stood beind me at the O2 last September when I went to see Prince. I was so impressed that he wasnt in the VIP section with all the tossers .He was so polite to everyone who spoke to him. He seems a really lovely guy!:)