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Hi all,
Unfortunately I was unable to record all of this (a long story that I'm not going to bore you with) but I did get the final am sharing that here.

Thanks to bokkepoot for sharing his full recording.
I have a comment regarding achieving optimal quality, though.
To achieve optimal quality you need to have a dvb receiver that allows you to record the digital stream that comes in.
dvb already uses MPEG-2 for video which is the same standard as used for DVD, so if you have access to that it is easy to convert to DVD without any loss of quality.
If you have a separate receiver hooked up over analog SCART to a hd/dvd recorded you still have loss in the conversion from digital to analog and back again from analog to digital. Even if you select the highest quality on the recorder you will have this loss and it will only result in needlessly large files.
See for more about this type of receivers and for digital recording.

2008-06-27 NED3, Concert For Mandela (finale)

Video details:
704x576 PAL aspect ratio 16x9 recorded from NED3
length 16:26
average video bit rate: 4496000 bits/sec

Direct satellite stream captured with Dreambox 7000S receiver.
Demuxed with ProjectX and multiplexed for DVD with mplex from the sourceforge
mjpegtools, see
DVD authored with dvdauthor,

The video on this DVD is exactly as broadcast over satellite!
There is no loss of quality or introduction of artifacts in the toolchain used.

Track listing:

We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
Alright Now
Amy Winehouse & Jerry Dammers - Free Nelson Mandela

Have fun,

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Thanks for this!

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Thank You for this. 'looking forward seeing it.