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What does the word Rock mean to you (speaking in terms of music)?
I think it's overused too much in the wrong way.
This is what I think rock is:
It is a an extremely popular genre of music and mainly includes the use of an electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums. There is usually a vocal melody that goes along with it. Other instruments such as the piano can come into the mix. Usually, a rock band involves just bass, guitar, drums, and a lead singer. There are different subgenres in rock. Rock roots go as far back as to the mid 1950s. (if anybody can add on to the definition or make it better, that would be great.)
That's just what it is to me.
But to the rest of the mainstream world, it means skulls, crossbones, pop bands, Disney stars, and other insane things. What exactly does rock mean? I mean, I see it everywhere! There are girls and boys going around claiming to be "rockstars" and there are rappers doing the same. Does rock mean listening to pop bands and drinking all the time and wearing big sunglasses and dressing in black, band tees, and colorful clothing? Not to me. If this is confusing to you, I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get my point straight. What I'm trying to say is that the word rock is being overused. "Rockstar tees", "Rockstar", "Rockstar lifestyle", "partying like a Rockstar", claiming to rock out, whatever. What exactly does the word rock mean to you (speaking music wise)? Why is this word overused by MTV, Disney, the whole mainstream world? Probably for money. More importantly, why are teens saying they are rockstars or trying to be rockstars? Why are a lot of pop bands of today categorized under Rock when they are not?
I posted this topic in another website, but I really wanna know what you guys think rock is.

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quite personally it pisses me off when you get a bunch of teen kids who get together, buy all kinds of gear, and think that they will automatically be like god if they play with these brands of instruments.

i laugh even moreso when these kids get on stage and play a bunch of noise and do a bunch of movements and facial expressions that might consist of 'im fucking awesome'....when really its just comical.

can i also say that it pisses me off when people STRUM a bass guitar? its one thing if a bass was designed by an EXPERT to be played like a guitar, but all it does is cause static and noise!!!

sorry i went to see a friend's gig the other day and this band that went first were a bunch of 14-15 year old kids thinking they were fucking awesome. i ultamitly ended up laughing at them, escpecially with their 'fast' playing skills which looked like he was motioning a good fap.

anyway, yes it has also annoyed me that the word 'rock' and anything associated with it has turned into something to cringe at- like pop.

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