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‘C-lebrity’ is the brand new single from Queen + Paul Rodgers. Taken from the forthcoming album `The Cosmos Rocks’ (release date Sept 15th), `C-lebrity’ was written and produced by Brian May, Paul Rodgers and Roger Taylor. Many of Queen’s best known songs have been written in humour, and `C-lebrity’ follows in this pattern; it is a comment on the celebrity-driven times in which we live where the myriad of reality-based tv shows are producing a generation of C-lebrities The track received its first airing as an exclusive on TV’s Al Murray’s Happy Hour, since when, according to Brian May, “we went back in and roughed up the studio version a bit. I think it gives a fair idea of the kind of energy on the album.” It is a subject on wich each of the band has a view to share:Roger Taylor: “C-lebrity is really a comment on the current concept of fame – success and all that goes with it. Getting your face on TV is enough – talent doesn’t really enter into the equation. ‘Celebrity’ is an overused and devalued word today.”Paul Rodgers adds: “I see the song as Rogers’ take on the increasing emphasis on fame for its own sake. It’s quite ironic that Andy Warhol’s statement that everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame is becoming something of a reality, although it may be down to fifteen seconds in today’s world of instant communication.”‘The Cosmos Rocks’ album, produced and performed by Brian May, Paul Rodgers and Roger Taylor, and written by Queen + Paul Rodgers, featuring 13-all new songs, is out to coincide with the mid-September start of the European tour. It marks the first Queen album of new material since 1995.‘C-lebrity’ release formats:


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Still no mention of a promo video, which is a shame, as this song would make a great video.

Just imagine Q+PR performing in some TV show stage and then cutting to hoards of mindless teenagers auditioning for talent shows and having their 15 minutes of fame; the band looking down on the phenomena and making everyting look very silly, while looking very cool themselves.

What I mean is an actual music video with a concept, which rules the Torpedo Twins out of the equation.

I see some good things in this release and I'm excited, but there are also some missed opportunities.