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*Originally written to a Springsteen email list of

Howdy Springsteen fans,

What is magical about covering Bruce Springsteen? I'll tell you from my perspective. Maybe it's the new upcoming single of mine, "Any Day" where the word "day" is somewhat similar to Bruce's pronounciation during "Lonesome Day". Maybe it's more than that, listening to "Teddy's Song" and knowing "Terry's Song" is an ode to a friend, whereas mine, an ode to a long gone in Heaven Uncle of mine. It's the "we're amongst the dead, we're amongst the living" knowing that the delivery is all Springsteen tinged in my mind as I sing that song "Say", also probably inspiring John Mayer, I really don't know but he's a got a "Say" too many years after my "Say". It's "Adam Raised A Cain" a song I'll probably cover this coming Wednesday August 20, 2008 at the Black Spot Cafe Bar or of 10 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA.. I'm asking you to spread the word of open microphone nights and even though this is a Springsteen email list, if you are going to cover he and the E Street Band or any incarnation of Bruce's career, list the venue and what it's all about please, especially around me and those interested. The Black Spot Cafe Bar has open microphone night, every Wednesday, for free, no cover.

It's the sheer brilliance of Springsteens "Empty Sky", "The River", "Adam Raised A Cain", "Thunder Road", "Further On Up The Road" and more. Why "Adam Raised A Cain", a song that was never a official single release but a concert fave? I'll tell you why, for there could be a Vice President Cain, if that is how the last name is spelled if Obama, Barack, my choice of President is voted in. Even though I think Janet E. Morris of would suffice much better. It's also the officially released "The Promised Land" influence in the near 13 minute full version of "Teddy's Song", during the harmonica in G interlude leading up to the personal opus of mine, a vocal only release found on my MySpace.Com page. Danny Federici died of cancer as did my Uncle Harold T. Mahler, T for Ted, Teddy, so I ask that any that listens, consider donating to a cancer cause, your time, your passion, your soul, your hard earned money or your lottery winning LOL. Why? Bruce is doing it, so am I, should you?

I'm looking for artists to work with in my area, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

Tonight I'll be at on that hill with everything I've got - Bruce Springsteen

So with that said,

Peace friends, happy August, the rising of our spirits in the night shall indeed this way come on this hard land.

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