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Posted: 20 Aug 08, 19:32 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote,CST-EDT-carol20.article

There are many diseases that are much worse, but I think Obama is Nepotosis-positive, and will develop a full blown case of Nepotosis in 2009 after he is elected.

Although Nepotosis is not life threatening and its symptoms are mild, the cost of treatment is astronomical.

Hopefully, Obama, Chicago, and all of Illinois will be quarantined before this horrible disease spreads to the other 49 US states, and ultimately the world.

Last week, I was only concerned with the potential extinction of the ash tree species, due the rampant Japanese longhorn beetle infestation.

However, this new Nepotosis disease has made me forget about the lowly ash tree, and has instead filled me with a feeling of dread and panic concerning the world's future.

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