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Like you guys I couldn't stand the thought of an available legal download while my album would arrive on tuesday. So I downloaded it and have listened to the album four times now. When I heard the early snippets I raised an eyebrow or two. But this album is GREAT!

Appreciation: I think it's a colourful album, lot of moods and styles. Great playing by all of the guys, love the fact that it's original. It's not Queen, but Queen + Paul Rodgers, so the sound is new, but I like it! I think they did a tremendeous job. Very strong first and last portion of the album!

Criticism: In general, I love the harder-edge stuff and the one-off tracks (Time to shine, Small, Call me). But the power/piano ballads are the weaker parts in my opinion. I also noticed that I like the first and last portion of the album, the middle section is weaker except for Call Me.

Oh ... and I'm definitely not a fan of Paul's lyrics.

01) Cosmos Rockin'; Nice rocker, is this really Roger's? Normally, back in the Queen days, the writer's vocals are louder in the mix of the backingvocals. So, yes it could be Roger, but also Brian if you ask me. Hope they will open the shows with this one!

02) Time To Shine; has grown on me since the first airing, like it a lot nowadays!

03) Still Burnin'; not original if you ask your hardcore Queen fan, but I like this song a lot. Very catch chorus too! Good one Bri ;-). As a drummer, I like the drums and shifts a lot.

04) Small: One of my favourites! Catchy chorus, nice guitars, this is the only song that makes me wonder 'How would this have sounded if Freddie was still alive'. I love this song.

05) Warboys: Didn't like the acoustic bit we already heard, but after it's Queen treatment, I think this actually a fantastic song! Nice!! Great guitars again and good backing vocals!

06) We Believe: QUEEN MEETS LIONEL RICHIE??? YUCK!!! I think the chorus is catchy, but overall this is just TOO CORNY for Queen. Ow, and what's with the Palabras De Amor reprise? Did you hear the solo and the last part? It really resembles Palabras De Amor. Ah well, never liked that track too :-p

07) Call Me: Pure fun!!! Nice little original track, love it! They should play that acoustic on stage with only the three of them! Like it, I even think this is a possible hit.

08) Voodoo: The snippet made me feel this was gonna be a boring track that I would normally stick. But I actually like the vocals, even the lyrics ;-). It resembles the Impromptu that the band played during the '86 tour ;-).

09) Some Things That Glitter: Not a ballad lover, but it's quite good.

10) C-lebrity: Roger roger roger ... he has some outstanding contributions to this album. More original stuff than Brian's actually. Normally, I don't like Roger's solostuff, but with Queen he always manages to deliver some golden songs! Way to go Rog!!!

11) Through The Night: Remembers me of other bands, not very original. But Brian's playing is just: WOW!

12) Say It's Not True: Liked the stripped down version better, but I do like the guitar ending. Great song by Roger. Pity they use all the synths in the first verse.

13) Surf's Up...School's Out: Great Roger track, possibly the most 'Queen-like' track on the album. Play this one live!

Brian is still playing his ass off, unbelievable. Roger is tighter than ever, Paul singing is outstanding!

9 out of 10 for me

now let's listen to it A-GAIN! woohoo


a happy and satisfied Queen + Paul Rodgers fan

Richard Lopata (new email) user not visiting

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Crap, clicked the 'New Topic' button by accident. This was a reply to the 'Cosmos Rocks Review' section. My bad guys!