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In addition we gave people the EMI booklet with all the lyrics and Italian translation (and personally I’m very glad it has been useful and much appreciated ), we showed them a series of questions and answers taken from both EPKs (we provided Italian subtitles of course!), and also some hightlights from the Tokyo concert dvd.I must say that they were very surprised right from the start with “Cosmos Rockin” ...... I could read it in their eyes.It wasn’ t something they didn’t expect. During the second song they were still a bit puzzled ….but when “Still Burning” was playing …and people started moving their heads and feet following the sound of the beat and/or clapping their hands I realized “they GOT IT” !!Some of them were even dancing freely during “Surf’s Up ….School’s Out”. Great cheers, compliments and congratulations afterwards!I must confess I was a bit scared yesterday when I saw the websmaster of an Italian Queen community (which has always criticized the Q+PR project …and which spread that nonsense about Davide Traversi being a “yes man” forced to say positive things by the Queen management! ).I know this man because I wrote to him more than once complaining about the lack of respect they have for the band.I expected troubles from him. Whereas , at the end, before leaving he told me he wasn’t disappointed by the album and that was quite good for him but he couldn’t share all the enthusiastic comments he had read or heard so far either from the press or from Davide and myself!Fair enough, he’s entitled to have his own opinion.For one person who partially disagreed there were many more joyful and happy. That’s what really matters !Another nice comment I must write is from one of the owners of this venue “Rock’n‘Roll” cafè. This man is a real pure “rock” lover, music is his passion and his life, he has been to thousands of concerts including the Queen ones in Italy in the early 80s.When I met him we almost “argued” because he started telling me all those gossips I’m fed up to hear about the band. He was very prejudiced, I can assure you. I just told him to listen to the album and then come back to me.Well…... he immediately came to see me after the event and…... that’s what he shouted : “Fuck me! You were completely right. This is a great album with a fantastic sound and a mighty guitar. It really rocks!!!”Any other comment is superfluous!I’ll send you separately some photos which I think they speak for themselves.


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Great Night, but I can't understand why a person can't have a different opinion.

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