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I saw ROTC live in St. Paul in 2006. It ranks as one of the most fun things I have ever done. Paul Rodgers is a bouncy kind of entertainer, and he looked like and sounded like he was having a great time, plus he has the experience of being before large crowds. With Roger and Brian there, it was the Queen Sound but not the Queen Voice which, of course, was Freddie. Had Freddie been there, I probably would have fainted with joy. I know numerous Queenzoners have an opinion about the name Q+PR. How about "Half Queen + Paul Rodgers?" Just kidding!

Every now and then I think I should get some culture. I saw Luciano Pavarotti several years ago. It was not an opera but a soprano singing first, and then he was the main event, of course. I went because a person who had a $200 ticket (balcony) got sick, and the ticket was given to me. Well, I liked the soprano, but I have to admit I was bored with Pavarotti. Recently there was a two-hour special on the Public Broadcasting Channel showing Pavarotti's life including his most impressive seven arias, and I thought I should give me a second chance to enjoy him. Freddie's opera friend, Montserrat Caballe, did some clips agreeing that Pavarotti was the best in this era. Well, I watched the full two hours, and I was bored again. Classical music just isn't my thing. I feel nothing when I hear it. Later I watched a Queen dvd, and two seconds after Freddie appeared, I was thrilled to pieces - thrilled! It is ridiculous how much I love Freddie! Queen WAS a kinda magic, and I am so glad I have the cds and the dvds and memorabilia to relive their past splendor in my present life. Q+PR will never be Queen. Enjoy what you can, and let the rest fade away.

Yes, it was a worthwhile experience.
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First, Q+PR don`t have to be Queen, certainly they are different.
Second, I wrote after attending the concert September 15, that i can`t yet form my opinion about PR. He sings very well, but I can`t say he is a great entertainer as the previous poster wrote. I imagine Freddie in his place, who would have done this and that, moving about the stage, dancing...Paul seemed a bit stiff to me, not much body language, not much expression. Maybe because it was his first concert in the tour.