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Well....after having heared the album a few times now, i can only say that it is very well produced. I like the artwork. There's some brilliant red special sounds...although i think that this album has more old-school, traditional and highly routined sounds on it than we are (spoiled rotten by one Mr. mercury) used to. Still a very good and very nice album indeed. Not a Queen-like trendsetter. Nothing on it that makes your heart go (much) faster. But given the (sad) situation that Mr. Queen and their unique bassplayer aren't around to participate...i think that given what's IS still here and working...this album should be given a lot more credit than most "die-hard" fans are giving it. I think that Brian and Roger (compared to John) are at least doing everything in their power to keep the name Queen alive, and can still be seen at work live! We tend to compare all the time...but there is NO comparing possible between Queen as we know it, and the "Queen-remains" as we still know. Maybe if Mr. Rodgers were gay, it might have had a little more spark to it all...but he isn't (although i did make him put on a silly pink gay hat on stage twice last tour!) and therefor we can now hear rocking rock, beautiful blues, and splendid soul instead.
Alltogether a good way to carry on, and i'm happy they (special) thank John first, and dedicate the album to Freddie. I also miss Freddie, just like we all do. But ther's no denying that Paul Rodgers (although limited in range and different ways how to use his voice) is a superb singer. So...give our guys support, enjoy their liveshows...and cherish Freddie.
Oh yeah....and the album titel....The Cosmos Rocks...still...but i think that is only because there once was a Mr.Freddie Mercury who made that happen, and he is now in control of it in heaven!!!

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